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“We Met at a Concert”: When Love’s Meant to Be, It’ll Eventually Lagree

IN: Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

“We met at a concert. You were wearing converse, I'm not good at playing it cool.” Oh, wait, those are lyrics to a song by a famous band called Iration. Ironic that these lyrics are actually true for this fascinating couple from beautiful Texas! This duo, Lori and Brandon, have one of the cutest love stories and share a passion for the method we have all come to love (and maybe hate a little when our muscles feel like they are going to fall off)—the Lagree method!

Today, we are here to share more about just what keeps this couple coming back for more sweaty, muscle-trembling workouts. But first, let’s take some time to learn what makes this couple so unique!

Music, Love, and the Great Outdoors Make Their World Go Round

As passionate lovers of music and culture, the two, of course, met at a Willie Nelson concert! Since then, the two have been inseparable and spend their time in the great outdoors where they kayak and hike together often. Brandon even proposed in the mountains of Montana where they will marry later this year! (Ugh, stop.) When they aren’t outside, this lively duo can be found cooking together, visiting local breweries with their dog, Cash, and flipping their home! (Are they not just perfect?)

As if this wasn’t enough, the two are extremely committed to their mental and physical health, wellness, and fitness, and they do it together. Recently, Lori has learned how to ride a motorcycle, and Brandon has spent much of his time practicing Brazilian Jujitsu. (He was recently been promoted to blue belt.) Of course, for this badass couple, there is more! As committed Lagree enthusiasts, the two are constantly finding new ways to challenge and push each other, and one of the ways they do that is through the Lagree method.

An Addiction Worth Chasing 

Lori was introduced to Lagree at a studio in Austin. After moving back home to The Woodlands, Lori was devastated to learn that a Lagree studio didn’t yet exist. (Where would she chase her shake and sweat?!) Of course, good things happen to good people and, not before long, a brand new Lagree studio opened up just minutes from her place of work! With love and excitement built up, Lori decided it was time for her to become an instructor at the new studio, The Woodlands Lagree.

Being the supporting fiancé he is, Brandon felt the need to try the Lagree method out and signed up for a class. Like many of the men that have not yet encountered this insanely challenging method, Brandon suspected the method was “for girls.” But…then he fell in love (like they all do), and now he is on his way to his 50th class!

Now, the two get to enjoy these short but highly effective workouts together. As this beautiful couple shares, “Hold a little longer. Sink a little lower. Embrace the shake.” May the two forever face life together, head-on, with this perfect mantra in mind.

At Lagree Fitness, we are honored to share stories like Lori and Brandon’s! Thank you, you unique, perfect couple, for sharing a piece of you with us. You inspire us to continuously evolve!

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