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7 Reasons Why Lagree Fitness Equipment Cannot Be Replicated


With a rapidly growing fitness industry, tons of new gyms are opening, new methods are being developed, and different types of equipment are become more easily accessible. While that may be true, it is important to remember that not every workout method is created equal—and the same can be said about exercise equipment.

As an inventor and visionaire, Sebastien Lagree has invented next-generation fitness equipment and machines since 1998 while simultaneously developing fully patented workout methods that deliver quick, life-altering results.  Due to his limit-pushing mindset, his dedication to invent game-changing equipment, and his passion to consistently set the bar with new workout methods, Lagree Fitness has become the pure definition of “unreplicable” and here’s why.


  1. Lagree Fitness Can’t Get No Satisfaction.

As a whole, Lagree Fitness works diligently and endlessly to improve every workout and each movement to improve overall effectiveness and to make each experience unique and unreplaceable.

  1. Our Founder and Leader Still Teaches in Our Studios

The creator, founder, and leader of Lagree Fitness, Sebastien Lagree, remains teaching classes in our studios, making Lagree Fitness the only fitness company in the world to do so. We believe this is critical as it adheres to our strong belief in constant research and development and provides a dynamic edge to our brand. In addition, Sebastien personally trains and certifies each Lagree instructor, providing our clients with ever-evolving, non-stagnant dynamic workouts.

  1. Lagree Fitness Does it All

Unlike many other fitness brands, Lagree Fitness is not just an equipment manufacturer. Due to our passion to elevate the entirety of the fitness industry, Lagree Fitness also focuses on the exercise method and continuously finds ways to advance each workout.

  1. We are Obsessed with Technology

Much like our workout method, our entire brand is repelled by stagnancy. For this reason, we are gripped by the ever-advancing world of technology, providing us with a keen sense of urgency to integrate more science-based technology into our equipment and methods.

  1. Lagree Fitness is Developing Machinery Decades Ahead of Its Time

Our dedication to make an impact on the fitness industry is not to be underestimated or assumed to dwindle any time soon. Since Lagree Fitness was founded, we have continued to develop machinery seven to 12 years ahead of its time. We are here for the long haul.

  1. Those Attempting to Replicate Our Equipment and Methods are Ex-Licensees

While those seeking to duplicate our equipment and methods are those once associated with the Lagree Fitness license, they do not hold the patents to duplicate the workouts or equipment, giving them limited access to Lagree Fitness knowledge, research, and development.

  1. We are Relentlessly Detail-Oriented

Lagree Fitness is led by the most detail-oriented inventor and engineering team. This means that every detail, small or large, is taken into account during the design, invention, and mass-production process. As a trainer himself, Sebastien Lagree constantly assesses each piece of equipment, making detailed notes of how each machine can be improved. Whether he is adding more hand and foot placement options or improving the longevity of his equipment, Sebastien is ceaselessly refining his products.

Lagree Fitness—An Unmatched Name Backed by Unrivalled Passion

Lagree Fitness has established itself as an unmatched name that cannot be duplicated or reproduced. Our current state and ongoing progresses are only the beginning of our goal to revolutionize the fitness industry. Become part of the Lagree movement today and evolve with us.

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