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ClassPass Names the Megaformer Workout the Fastest Growing Fitness Trend in the US


According to ClassPass, a fitness booking application, the Megaformer workout was named the fastest-growing fitness trend in the United States. This result was determined after ClassPass analyzed over 100 million classes. The application states that more than a million Megaformer classes were booked throughout 2019. Although variations of the Megaformer have existed since 2005, the rapid increase in popularity shows no signs of decreasing any time soon.

What is the Megaformer Workout?

The Megaformer workout, which is performed on one of the Megaformer models, is designed to give each participant an intense yet modifiable workout. The Lagree Fitness’ Megaformer workout places emphasis on the following:

  • Increased Time Under Tension (TUT) to provide quicker results
  • Slowed speed and controlled reps to prevent injury
  • Sensory-motor training to improve balance
  • Supersets to increase intensity, save time, and safely take muscles to failure
  • Isometric exercise to strengthen and improve mobility and flexibility
  • Circuit training for improved cardio and efficient strength training
  • Antagonist muscle contraction to improve joint strength
  • Mind-body connection to increase mental strength and improve clarity

What is the Megaformer?

The Megaformer, a machine invented, designed, and created by Sebastien Lagree, is designed for all ages, body types, and fitness levels. While some compare the Megaformer to the traditional Pilates reformer, the Megaformer holds 74 different patents, making it a one-of-a-kind machine that offers a high-intensity, low-impact workout.

The Megaformer includes the following next-generation technology:

  • Platforms: Located on the front and rear end of the machine, the platforms are used to stand, sit, and kneel on for a variety of exercise options
  • The carriage: Provides a variety of hand/foot placement options to engage abdominal muscles and for quicker transitions between exercises
  • Handlebars: Depending on the Megaformer model, handlebars come with round diameter or triangular handlebars that can pivot and rotate
  • Springs: Attached to the carriage, the adjustable springs are used to provide varying amounts of resistance to intensify the workout
  • Ramps: Located beneath the carriage, the ramp allows the machine to incline on the back in order to intensify and shorten the workout

In normal Lagree Fitness fashion, evolution and growth are paramount. As a result, we have released the newest member of the Megaformer family—the Megaformer EVO. Learn more today!

Learn More About the Megaformer and Make One Yours Today

Lagree Fitness is changing the fitness industry, and the Megaformer is only one of the patented pieces of equipment making Lagree a household name. Now, various Megaformer models, including the Megaformer EVO, are available to Lagree licensees and the general public.


To learn more about becoming a Lagree licensee or how to purchase a Megaformer model, contact our team at Lagree Fitness today!



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