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Happy Father’s Day to the Man, the Myth, the Legend, and Dad, Sebastien Lagree!


It may be a little hard to believe, but Sebastien Lagree, creator and founder of Lagree Fitness, is not only a father to an incredible exercise method, but he is also a dad to two pretty awesome kids. While creating fitness machinery and perfecting a patented exercise method over and over again are two of Sebastien’s greatest pleasures, his ultimate priority is preparing his kids for the (big, scary, yet exciting) world and the beautiful lives they are destined to live. Lucky for Sebastien, he doesn’t have to worry much about these two!

Success Must Be in the Lagree Bloodline

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Sebastien’s two kids are already successful. With good grades and a clean slate, these two make being a dad quite an enjoyable experience. Romain, Sebastien’s son, is 18 years of age and is on his way to Loyola Marymount University in the fall. Emmanuelle, his 16-year-old daughter, will graduate Oaks Christian School next year and will soon be off to pursuing her passion. With such good heads on their shoulders, it’s no wonder Sebastien can’t seem to spend enough time with them. Of course, some of that time is spent together on the Megaformers (and we aren’t surprised). 

Fitness Isn’t Just a Passion, It’s a Tradition

While these kids pretty much succeed in all other parts of life, fitness has never been just a thing to do—they were born for it. Both Romain and Emmanuelle have practiced the Lagree method since about the time they could walk. Sebastien remembers these two rambunctious kids hopping on the Lagree Fitness equipment prototypes when they were just three years old and, as they grew older, tested the equipment before the machines went into full production. Now, the two are dedicated to the method and train on their own Megaformers at home and at the Lagree Fitness Headquarters. 

While Emmanuelle and Romain’s love for all things Lagree Fitness continues to grow, so do their personal lives, interests, and passions. Sebastien has reiterated that while he would love either or both to join the business when the time presents itself, he is also very keen on making sure that larger life decisions, such as careers, are decided only by themselves. He also adds that if they should ever decide to join Lagree Fitness, he would open them with open arms.

Of course, the apple never falls too far from the tree and Romain is already developing his very own fitness apparatus. With a love for fashion, Sebastien predicts that one day his daughter will invest herself into the apparel sector of the company. But again, Sebastien’s priority, above all else, is to ensure his children follow their own path and create their own rules.

Let’s Get a Little Sentimental

Being a businessman is difficult. It takes constant work, awareness, non-stop grit when the going gets tough. It takes an innovative mind, and it calls for evolution on a daily basis. Still, though, no other venture is quite as growth-producing than that of a father—and for Sebastien, the story isn’t any different.

When asked how being a dad has changed his life and business mindset, Sebastien responded, “Being a dad is an on-going process. It has taught me to be patient and flexible, but it’s also the greatest journey I have ever endured. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Today, the team at Lagree Fitness would like to wish Sebastien Lagree and all other Lagree-enthusiast dads a Happy Father’s Day! We hope today brings you happiness, fun, and lots of family time. Keep being the rad dads that you are!

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