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Jessica and Lee Were Made to Lagree: Two Business Owners Do the Damn [Lagree] Thing

IN: Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

As John Lennon once said, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality,” and Jessica and Lee Cohen exemplify just that. With a drive to push each other to new heights, this power couple exudes the energy our team at Lagree Fitness loves to share with others: evolution, growth, and community—and they do it side by side to make their fitness goals a reality.

Today, our team would like to highlight this amazing duo by sharing a but a bit about their lives and just what keeps this amazing pair hooked on the Lagree method—3 years later! Afterall, couples who Lagree together, stay together!

Young Love that Kept Evolving and Continues to Grow

This lovely couple met in college in Madison, Wisconsin, and have since evolved their love and expanded their bunch to a family of five! As parents to three young, beautiful daughters, Scarlett, Shiloh, and Skye, and fur parents to Elle, their rambunctious cavapoo, it’s safe to say that this duo has their hands full! Aside from fulfilling their roles as parents, the two are also business owners who work hard to keep their family secure and happy. Lee owns a personal protective equipment company while Jessica works as an orthodontist with her own practice. (Did someone say BUSY?!) While their lives may be fast-paced and packed with work and family time, these two never turn a blind eye to their health and fitness goals.

As a tennis enthusiast, Lee is dedicated to keeping his body in tip-top shape and Lagree helps him do just that. By keeping his body strong and lean, Lee is able to compete at his best day in and day out. But, like others, there was a point in Lee’s life, and Jessica’s as well, that was Lagree-less! Of course, upon trying the method, the two would become hooked forever.

Where it All Began 

After giving birth to their youngest daughter, Skye, Jessica was desperately searching for a workout routine that would strengthen her core. She was recommended the Lagree method by a friend who told her, “It’s like Pilates on steroids.” Not before long, Jessica would try the Lagree method for herself and become immediately hooked to both the class and the Megaformer!

Like other men, before actually trying the method for himself, Lee believed the Lagree method was for women and women only. Boy, was he wrong. After being challenged by his wife to give the method a whirl, Lee did so—and of course—became absolutely addicted. Today, Jessica and Lee have been practicing Lagree, both together and apart, for more than three years. Together, they hope to show their daughter the importance of making space for health, wellness, and fitness!

Our team at Lagree Fitness is proud to share stories like Jessica and Lee’s. They not only show the world that we must remain committed to our health, but they also remind us that evolution is not possible when stagnant. Thank you, Jessica and Lee, for showing the world how Lagree Fitness can change lives! We will be cheering you on from here on out!



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