Sebastian Lagree’s patented exercise methods may have been developed from foundations of Pilates, but Lagree fitness has evolved into a category of its own. The combination of high-intensity bodybuilding techniques and low-impact movements of Lagree Fitness methods instead move away from Pilates’ principles of rehabilitation. Its own set of emphases garner quick results both effectively and safely.

Emphasis on Slower Pace of Controlled Reps

Slowing down reps not only demands more from the muscles, but focusing on control of movement rather than depending on momentum also prevents injury. These intentional, more effective movements of muscle groups extend time under tension, and as a result, strength is built rapidly.

Emphasis on Balance Training to Avoid Injury

A focus on balance training is both fundamental and unique to the Lagree Fitness method. Incorporating balance into strength-training exercises provides access to flexibility improvement without possible injury. In fact, this emphasis on balance not only helps participants avoid injury, but can help heal chronic back issues and other issues. Years of research has shown that for these reasons, balance training is actually more effective than isolated strength-training.

Emphasis on the Superset

Utilizing bodybuilding’s superset technique is one of the main foundations that set the Lagree Method apart. This concept enforces shorter, high-intensity levels that target specific muscle groups at a time. As a result, participants increase effectiveness and muscle failure while also increasing the level of safety, foregoing the need for a spotter.

Emphasis on Cardio Integration

By using circuit training, there is minimal rest time between movements. As a result, heart rates increase and participants benefit in increased cardiovascular strength and more calories burned. In Lagree, this is implemented into strength training without the need for separate cardio workout.

Emphasis on Overload

Overloading different muscle groups enforces participants to constantly be improving their strength by heightening intensity, resistance, and time of workouts. By moving out of one’s comfort zone, constant muscle growth over a shorter amount of time is achieved through slower movements and minimal recovery periods.

Emphasis on Experience

The mind-body experience of the Lagree Fitness method allows participants to focus on their bodies during intense, low-impact movements and achieve rapid results. By borrowing concepts from Pilates and bodybuilding, participants avoid injury while never plateauing. In fact, each class can be modified to encourage constant body transformation, no matter the Lagree fitness level.

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