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Love Stands the Test of Time—So Does the Lagree Method! Just Ask Kathryn and Zach

IN: Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

Love is the ultimate test of time, and one beautiful couple makes it look easy-peasy. Kathryn and Zach, high school sweethearts who met in middle school, have enjoyed a lifetime of adventures, travels, and, most recently, Lagree workouts, all while being madly in love and head over heels for one another (despite living through each other’s high school fashion faux pas).

Nestled in the beautiful city of Houston, this lovely duo is busy around the clock. Along with their full-time jobs, Kathryn and Zach enjoy eating their way through the city in an attempt to try every restaurant nearby, spending time with their cats, cooking together, and, of course, working out together. And, might we add, they aren’t just working out together—this badass couple is practicing the Lagree method together! (Yes, there’s a difference.)

Coincidence? We Think NOT.

After spending much of their time moving, Kathryn and Zach decided it was time to settle down, and Houston became their new home base. Of course, like many others who move, finding their new go-to places would prove to be a struggle, especially when trying to find the right forever studio/gym. That is, until Kathryn stumbled upon Fyre Fitness, a Lagree studio located in the heart of Houston, by coincidence fate.

Not having ever heard of Lagree Fitness or our method, Kathryn was pleasantly surprised by her workout and became addicted in no time. It wasn’t before long that Zach would also join the studio and become a regular. Now, after nearly two years as committed members of Fyre Fitness, the two have become so addicted to the results of the Lagree method, that it has become a staple in their daily routine. In fact, the two start their day with a 5 AM wake-up call and rise and shine to Lagree love! 

While moving to a new city may have been a challenge initially, this lovely couple has reaped the amazing benefits of a loving Lagree community. Together, the two conquer each workout to become both mentally and physically stronger as individuals and a couple!

Just like Kathryn and Zach’s love, the Lagree method will always stand the test of time—and that’s because our incredible Lagree enthusiasts push us to further develop, design, and evolve!

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