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Lucky to Lagree: Jais’ Miracle That Inspires All

IN: Lucky to Lagree

Every day, most of us wake up, move around, stretch a little, get out of bed to start a hot cup of coffee and proceed with our days as normal. But, what if one day, you woke up and the normal occurrences of life came to a screeching halt? Strip away the excess and what are you left with? Are you happy? Are you grateful for this life you are living? These are questions we often forget to ask ourselves—not because we are naïve, but because it’s easy to move through the motions of life when the world seems to spin faster every day. 

But, for some, like Jais, an incredible Lagree enthusiast from Texas, life has shown a different perspective—an appreciation for movement that stems from adversities and tribulations. Today, our team at Lagree Fitness would like to share Jais’ incredible journey that inspires our team and each person that has the pleasure of meeting him and hearing his story.

A Catastrophe for Some—An Opportunity for Growth for Others

Nearly five years ago, at the young age of 27, Jais suffered a series of four strokes and, as a result, nine brain surgeries, two of which he would receive ICU stints. This series of trauma left him bound to a wheelchair, unable to move on his own and unable to speak. 

Years after the accident, doctors and medical staff are left perplexed with no clue as to what might have caused Jais to suffer these traumas while acknowledging that the road to recovery would not be one for the faint of heart. 

Being that each of the four strokes targeted a different part of the body—speech and swallowing, walking and movement, core strength, and postural stability—Jais’ ability to regain normal functions would require him to reteach his body everything. While others would remain devastated after such adversity, Jais persevered, accepted the challenge for what was ahead, and committed to a journey towards recovery.

The Lagree Method Acts as a Physical and Cognitive Therapy

Since the accident, Jais has undergone a countless number of therapies, including intensive Neurotherapy while Jais was still immobile. Since discharging from Neurotherapy and other forms of therapy, Jais was introduced to Lagree Fitness through a friend he now considers to be his spiritual mother. She had been raving about the health benefits of the Lagree method and suggested that Jais give it a try in hopes that it would help him grow stronger and healthier day after day…and it worked.

Now, Jais has been practicing Lagree for a few months at his home studio, Lagree Theory Fitness, located in Midlothian, Texas. This loving, motivational, and uplifting studio has been a key part in Jais’ progress and the results have been absolutely incredible. Through dedication and tenacity, Jais has begun to move in ways he (and the medical staff) never thought would be possible again. To say his physical therapists are astounded would be an understatement. 

Through various forms of therapy and the Lagree method, Jais has progressed from a severely injured individual to the physicality of an athlete. Not only does the method benefit Jais physically, but it also aids in cognitive development due to the multitasking required when using the Megaformer. The Lagree method also incorporates and encourages smooth, rhythmic breathing and, as a result, retrains Jais’ swallowing coordination as well. This method, time and time again, serves as a reminder that the human body and the human mind are stronger than we think—we just need to trust the process just as Jais has. 

The Lagree Fitness team is humbled by Jais’ story. We are grateful for his willingness to share with us, all Lagree enthusiasts, and those in need of hope. They are stories like this and the voices of our enthusiasts, like Jais’, that allow us to be so dedicated to evolution and improvement day after day. Thank you, Jais, for sharing this part of you with us. We are grateful beyond words.

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