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Lucky to Lagree: James’ Journey to Health, Wellness, and a Whole Lot of Amazing Results

IN: Lucky to Lagree

At Lagree Fitness, our team stands with those seeking complete lifestyle transformations and enjoy being a part of a person’s journey to self-love, empowerment, and overall health and wellness. Today, we are here to share with you a story of one Lagree enthusiast who decided to grab life by the *insert your choice of word here* and become a healthier and happier version of himself. Please welcome badass Chevy engine specialist, James Mullenix!

Grease Monkey and Fitness Junky!

When James isn’t killing a workout or spending time with his beautiful wife, Christina Mullenix, he can be found cranking on motors, fabricating off-road trucks, and enjoying classic cars! With a large following as a race engine specialist, it can be tricky for James to squeeze in time for a killer Lagree workout, but he always manages to find a way. But, it wasn’t always like that for James. His inspiring weight-loss journey is one worth sharing as its inspirational qualities will reach others in need of a little hope.

The Journey to Self-Love

At the ripe age of 43 years, James decided that he had finally had enough. He was tired of being overweight and feeling the drag of being out of shape. Open to advice from his wife, who also happens to be a health coach by trade, James was ready to go all in.

Immediately, he made the switch to a plant-strong diet and decided that he would finally give some workout (that his wife had been doing for years) a try (*Ahem* we are talking about Lagree). That’s when the pandemic hit, and studios closed until further notice. 

As a lover of all things Lagree, Christina purchased the Lagree Fitness Microformer and continued her favorite workout from the comfort of their home. It wasn’t before long that James would give this sturdy, compact machine a try for himself! Needless to say, he was addicted. He loved the challenge of finding balance and strength and enjoyed knowing that this high-intensity, low-impact workout would deliver huge results and zero injuries. 

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Fast forward some time, and James has dropped some major weight! While he began his fitness journey weighing in at 348 pounds, he is now weighing in at a comfortable 197 and is absolutely hooked on the feeling of meeting his goals and feeling muscles that had laid dormant for so long. Thanks to the Micro and Lagree Fitness, James has discovered a newfound love for fitness and self-care. In the process, others have been inspired by his journey and have joined him in the flight towards a healthy lifestyle!

James, our team at Lagree Fitness couldn’t be prouder of all the hard work you have dedicated yourself to. We know you are an inspiration to everyone who has the pleasure of hearing your story!


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