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Lucky to Lagree Together: Joe and Christy’s Deep Dive into the Lagree Method

IN: Lucky to Lagree

Everyone has a journey, and that journey is sure to include adversities, challenges, and, of course, victories. Nothing could be truer for Christy and Joe, one amazing couple who is lucky to Lagree together! These two have one hell of a story to share, and we feel lucky enough to be the ones to share it! 

How Their Love Story Began

As close friends before ever dating, a love story between these two Lagree enthusiasts was bound to happen. In December 2009, Christy and Joe tied the knot and got down to business in no time! Now, with four children, 8, 6, 5, and 2, these two have their hands quite full! Not to mention Joe works full-time as a Software Sales Executive at Paycor, Inc, and Christy works as a full-time mama to this beautiful, busy family!

While this couple cherishes their children above all else, the four pregnancies, along with the magic Christy’s body has endured to birth these beautiful children, has caused her to value her health and fitness more than ever before. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it was one worth enduring. 

Here Come the Kids

Christy and Joe’s first-born weighed in at 10 pounds, so while Christy only gained 12 pounds during her pregnancy, it took quite a toll on her body—especially because she was already considered obese at the time. Next came baby #2 who weighed in at 9lbs 14oz, and third, their beautiful baby girl who weighed in at 7lbs 14oz. This pregnancy, however, was the most difficult for Christy’s body. Given that their third-born child’s birth was a c-section, Christy’s recovery was a difficult one, as the surgery is quite invasive, and posed many challenges that Christy would have to overcome. Immediately after recovery, Christy and Joe became pregnant with their fourth child, their youngest daughter, who weighed in at 9lbs 3oz. 

Of course, for anyone that is a mom, you know that the challenges don’t stop after giving birth. In fact, that’s when the challenges START—and it was no different for Christy.

Being that their children are so close in age, Christy has been breastfeeding every day since their first baby was born. That’s right. Since November 14, 2012, Christy’s body has yielded such incredible, powerful energy that has allowed her to raise each child in a healthy manner. But in doing so, she has sacrificed her own health and wellness. Of course, not for long.

After giving birth to their last baby, Christy realized that she had become accustomed to unhealthy eating habits for the majority of her life. With a great desire to be a healthy, active mom, Christy knew it was time for a change, and she was going to make that change happen at a young, strong age of 36 years old! That’s when it all began. 

Jumping All In

Throughout high school and college, Joe was an athlete and even served as a personal trainer for some time. Although the family life and young children absorbed much of their personal time, Joe decided to start hitting the gym once again. He began intermittent fasting and working out 4-5 days per week. It became habitual.

Christy, on the other hand, was pulled into a few directions, keeping her from truly committing to a fitness routine she loved and felt comfortable with. That is until she met the Lagree Fitness method that changed her life permanently.

Friends Don’t Let Friends NOT Do Lagree

In May 2019, Christy’s friend from high school reached out to let her know that she would soon be opening a Lagree studio, Sculpt6. After not having seen her friend since graduation in 2002, Christy felt the need to express where she was in her physical journey but added that she was completely open to trying something new! Being the strong person she is, that’s exactly what Christy did. 

After her first class and about the second move, Christy understood just how incredibly unique the Megaformer was! With nothing to lose, she immediately signed up for an unlimited month and she began to feel herself transform—both mentally and physically. 

Every 50-minute, full-body workout left her sore. Each class, challenging and with different instructors and different moves, left her coming back for more. After a couple of months, Christy felt it was time to invite Joe!

Although Joe created his own workout routines and was dedicated to his own goals in the gym, Christy couldn’t help but want to show off all her hard work to the man she loves most. Of course, we would be lying if we didn’t admit that Christy also hoped Joe would love the method just as much as she did. Of course, he attended and, of course, he was just as hooked!

Joe immediately fell in love with the workout after seeing just how addicted Christy had become to creating a healthier, stronger version of herself. He continued to attend Lagree classes because of how much he loved the results that the method had provided in his own fitness journey. He even admitted that each Lagree workout targeted legs and core more than his normal routines.

Easy Like Saturday Mornnniiiinnnnn’ (see what we did there?)

Having discovered their newfound adoration for the Lagree method, Joe and Christy decided that Saturday mornings would be their “date” every week. Now, the weekends begin with a Lagree class at their local studio followed by a delicious cup of joe at their neighborhood coffee shop! 

These date days, along with their fitness routines between every Saturday, have allowed the two to see their bodies change right before their eyes. Aside from the physical reward of it all (Christy has gone from being about 200lbs for most of her and her husband’s relationship to now weighing in between 120-130lbs), these classes provide a place where they can enjoy each other—kid-free (and parents, y’all know how good that feels)! These classes provide a space where the two can enjoy loud music, sweatiness and shaking muscles, and increased heart rates, all while encouraging each other to reach new fitness goals! More than anything else, the Lagree method has provided a complete lifestyle change for this couple, and the journey has just begun. The best is still to come!

Christy, we are so proud of all your hard work throughout your weight-loss journey and are delighted to hear just how much this method has changed your mind and body! We look forward to staying up to date with your journey and wish you and Joe pure happiness! Thank you for sharing your story with the Lagree Fitness team! To say you are our inspiration would be an understatement.

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