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Lucky to Lagree Together: Matt and Jenn Spin Right Into Lagree’s (and Each Other’s) Arms 

IN: Lucky to Lagree

The saying goes, “When you sweat together, you stay together,” or something like that. This couldn’t be more true for one adventurous couple that chooses to spend their time living active lifestyles in the great outdoors—of course, when they aren’t busy slaying the game as corporate finance professionals! Introducing Matt and Jenn, the badass couple that seems to do it all—and we mean ALL. 

When these two aren’t killing it in their careers, you can find them on the golf course, out on a hike, canoeing or kayaking, snowshoeing, biking, *takes a breath* traveling, or spending time with their beloved close-knit families (and two adorable French Bulldogs) that support everything they do. (See, we told ya they do it all!) As if this wasn’t enough to give any person a six-pack and a permanent smile, this beautiful couple also Lagrees together, and there’s a reason why they keep coming back from more after having already developed quite an active life!

Spinning Out of Control and Into a Lagree Studio 

Before ever finding the Lagree method, Jenn was in love with one fitness routine and only one fitness routine—spin! That is until she met the Lagree method after a friend, Nora, whom Jenn used to attend spin classes with, invited her to take a class at Barreform, a local Lagree studio owned by Nora! Of course, it only took a single Lagree class before Jenn fell head over heels for the Lagree method, and it was no longer just a spin addiction she had. Jenn had transitioned from a 100% spin routine to a 50:50 spin to Lagree ratio!

At the time, Jenn and Matt weren’t a couple, so unlike many of our other stories, it wasn’t the wifey dragging the husband into the studio (only for the husband to fall in love with the method). Matt, then, was going to have to find his own path to Lagree—and we are happy to report that he did!

Get a Little Stretchy and You Might Shoot Under Par

As an avid golfer, Matt spent and spends much of his time on the golf course. One day, Brett, Nora’s partner, and Matt met at a gold course which they are both members of. Brett noticed that Matt’s game could improve if he just had a bit more flexibility. Without hesitation, Brett invited Matt to try a class—and BOOM. The rest was history. Not only would Matt fall in love with Jenn—but he would also fall in love with the Lagree method! 

In Love with Each Other and with Lagree

Now, the two enjoy gym-time together as it has become a foundation in their relationship. According to these two love birds, the Lagree method has completely evolved their life:

“The Lagree method makes us healthier—physically and emotionally. We believe that physical health drives emotional health, and in turn, relationship health. Lagree gives us a venue where we can encourage each other, especially when the pain seems too much to bear. We give each other the motivation and extra boost to continue. It also provides us an escape from the stress and demands of our busy corporate finance careers and affords us the opportunity to blow off some steam after a stressful day at work.”

It’s exciting for our team at Lagree Fitness to find two love birds who met through our method, and we couldn’t be happier to share their story! Jenn and Matt, thank you for sharing a part of your lives with us! We look forward to watching your evolution as we continue ours due to people like you!


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