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Lucky to Lagree Together: Ty and Amy Free—The College Sweethearts that Do it All!

IN: Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

College sweethearts with a beautiful family who also practice the Lagree method on their free time—can a more perfect couple exists? (Hint: Unlikely.) Today, we’d like to share just a bit about one fantastic couple that is the perfect example of hard work and dedication. Introducing Ty and Amy Free, a couple who resides in the beautiful Bozeman, Montana.

Go, Go, Go! Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

These two may be from different states (Amy is a Montana native, and Ty is from Wyoming), but the two are truly cut from the same cloth and seem as though they were destined to be together.  Amy and Ty met in college and have been inseparable ever since. 

While Ty is a fulltime contractor whose focus remains on commercial buildings and stately custom homes, Amy helps run the business and also works as a realtor to help others find their dream homes. 

When they aren’t busy working their asses off in their truly rewarding careers, the two can be found caring for their wildly active children, who are 10 and 12 years old and compete in ski racing, gymnastics, riding horses, and basketball. (Did we forget to mention this couple has their hands full?) It’s no wonder this family has chosen Montana as their place of stay—with all its adventurous outings and beautiful outdoors nearby, it’s the perfect place for this super active family that loves to be on the go! 

But, when this family finds a little time for peace and quiet, Ty and Amy can be found practicing the method, which of course, keeps them in shape for this adventurous life they live—the Lagree method! 

“Wait, What is Lagree?”

While it may be difficult to fathom, there was once a time when these two had not yet heard of Lagree Fitness or the method. Suprisingly, Ty and Amy found Lagree through a close friend who recommended the workout to them. Knowing that this couple continuously strives to be more fit and is determined to conquer any and all challenges, she knew they just had to give it a try. Needless to say, the two were addicted after the first class, and they have been practicing ever since! (We really aren’t surprised.)

“Oh! That’s Lagree! Yeah, We’re HOOKED.”

Now, the two use their free Lagree time as a way to grow closer and stronger together—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Practicing together allows for these two to continue establishing the foundation that bonds them together—and it also makes for a great date that fits their active, fun lifestyle!

In a world that seems to spin faster and faster every day, Ty and Amy move even faster! We are so inspired by their tenacity and the enthusiasm in which they live their lives. They are the Lagree enthusiasts such as these two that continue to propel the Lagree method forward! Thank you for being an inspiration to our team at Lagree Fitness. We love you, Ty and Amy!

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