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May is for Mamas: Briana Doesn’t Let Anything (or Anyone) Stop Her 

IN: May is for Mamas

One two-year-old with a baby girl on the way and somehow this badass woman still finds a way to dedicate time to her favorite workout—the Lagree Fitness method! And, as her nickname lends itself, “Bad Gal Lagree Bri” is a certified Lagree Fitness instructor who teaches out of Lagree House, a gorgeous studio located in Columbus, Ohio!


So, let’s get this straight: Mama of two, wife of one, certified badass, and Lagree Fitness enthusiast for more than 8 years—yeah, Briana Doran is a badass—and today we are here to share just why this bad mama absolutely adores Lagree!


Not a Day Goes by Without Lagree

As someone who worked in corporate retail, Briana traveled to various places for work. In doing so, she has been able to practice the Lagree method at a variety of studios across the country. (But she must admit, Lagree House is still her fav!) From NY to LA to Atlanta and Austin, Briana doesn’t ever go long without dedicating time to perfecting her Lagree Fitness moves. In fact, at 37 weeks pregnant, Briana is still practicing the method in total comfort—and the results have been incredible. 


Lagreeing Through Pregnancy

According to Briana, practicing on a regular basis throughout her pregnancy has made a great difference in both her appearance but in her mobility and comfort as well. As someone who suffers from low back and sciatic pain, Briana has found comfort in the Lagree method. She elates, “When I did have a few days of pain, practicing Lagree actually alleviated that pain!”


Due to the benefits that Lagree Fitness has provided to her as a pregnant mama who is dedicated to her fitness, Briana is now passionate about helping other future-mamas find comfort in their health and wellness journeys, throughout pregnancy, through the Lagree method. She explains, “I have enjoyed helping aid clients throughout their pregnancies, as well, because I want to encourage and hopefully inspire them to continue to take care of their bodies for both themselves and their babies.” (Like we said, can she be any more perfect?)


Briana, we are so proud to have you as part of the Lagree Fitness family, and we love that you continue to share your passion with others. Thank you for showing others that Lagree Fitness is for everyone! We are cheering you on and cannot wait to meet your beautiful baby girl.


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