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May is for Mamas: Heather Harris, Mother of Three & In Love with Lagree

IN: May is for Mamas

Motherhood—it’s one hell of a duty that only the strongest can endure—and that’s why Lagree Fitness appreciates and finds it so important to acknowledge mamas (the ones who do it all)! As if raising one perfect little human wasn’t a challenge in itself, one beautiful mama decided to do it three times—and today we are here to spread a little love for this badass mom, Heather Harris! 

Mama of 3—She is Force to Be Reckoned With

Eight years ago, before Heather was ever a mama, she fell in love with the Lagree Fitness Method, and while some might use pregnancy as an excuse to jump off the fitness wagon, she did the complete opposite! Through her pregnancy with her first son, Heather dedicated herself to a complete mind-body challenge and continued practicing Lagree. After her firstborn came two more, and, as you may have guessed, those didn’t stop her either!

Three pregnancies, three C-sections, and still—Heather kept coming back for more. And while Heather may credit the Lagree method for helping her recover from the natural traumas of childbirth, it was ultimately her that pushed through and stayed committed to her mental and physical health. (Did we mention that we think Heather is one badass mama?)

For Heather, Lagree Fitness Isn’t Going Anywhere

While Heather enjoys just about every part of Lagree, her favorite place to practice is Body Factory located in Lafayette, Louisiana. The great vibe, awesome music, and amazing instructors create a place where every person, including Heather, gets to sweat it out one shake at a time. In every 45-minute session, Heather is challenged not just mentally but physically as well. She shares, “I am pushed to my core, and it never ever gets easy. With every move and every shake, there is a mind and body connection.”

Of course, Lagree isn’t all she does! When she isn’t spending time with her three incredible kiddos or on the Megaformer, you can find her jamming out to 80’s music—and it really doesn’t matter where she is!

Heather, you are one fun, strong (and every other adjective that’s awesome) mama! Our team at Lagree Fitness is honored to share your story, and we are so lucky to have enthusiasts like you!


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