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May is for Mamas: Lauren’s Peace and Quiet is on the Megaformer!

IN: May is for Mamas

When we think of who actually makes the world go round, there’s no question. Mamas truly are the most incredible women that keep this world beautiful spinning, and at Lagree Fitness, we aren’t afraid to admit it! That’s why we’ve reserved May for the incredibly strong mothers that not only show up for their children but show up (on their Megaformers and Micros) for themselves! So, without further ado, please welcome our first May is for Mama’s feature, Lauren Sotomayor from badass Katy, Texas.

Toddlers Can Make People Crazy. The Lagree Method Makes People Sane.

In July 2019, Lauren was in the middle of raising a rambunctious two-year-old toddler. While her life was incredibly busy since beginning her journey of motherhood and also running her amazing charcuterie business, The Cheese Chica (umm, YUM), Lauren felt that she was missing something—and that something was simple—solitude. Lucky for her, that’s when she found Lagree Fitness,  and, as with most, it didn’t take more than one class before she was completely hooked.

This her-time became a staple in her day—a 45-minute period in which she could retreat to and balance out the complexities of a fast-paced of life. Not only did Lagree challenge her mentally and physically, but it also gave her a few moments of clarity where she could clear her head and slow the "noise" of this busy world. But, simply training on her Lagree Fitness Mega and Micro wasn’t enough. She craved MORE of Lagree Fitness, and so her journey continued.

Lauren’s obsession with Lagree Fitness continued to grow, and before she knew it, Lauren was training to become a certified Lagree Fitness instructor. Now, as the mother of a beautiful crazy kid and as a Lagree Fitness instructor, Lauren gets to witness growth in every facet of life! When it comes to teaching Lagree, Lauren’s favorite part of the process is watching others, including other mamas, become addicted to the workout that changed her life! 

Why Mamas Love Lagree, According to Lauren

According to Lauren, moms don’t just love Lagree for its 45 minutes of body and breath focus. Mamas love Lagree because of its empowering nature. From finding perfect form to modding up levels to slowly counting to four and creating a space to let the mind wander, Lagree provides a sense of peace and serenity for moms everywhere.

Thank you, Lauren, for showing us that moms like you deserve a bit more praise on a day-to-day basis. You are force to be reckoned with, and we are so happy to have you as part of the Lagree Fitness family. We love you!


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