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May is for Mamas: Lindsay Wurst, Lagree Lover, & Lagree Instructor, & Mama All Wrapped Up in One!

IN: May is for Mamas

Mamas—they do it all and then some, don’t they? These incredible women show up (every day) for themselves, for their kiddos, and for everyone and everything else. That’s why our Lagree Fitness team is proud to feature these incredible, badass chicks that push the limits of what motherhood looks like.

Today, we’re featuring Lindsay Wurst, a Rhode Islander that’s the proud mama of two beautiful little girls, Emmeline and Eleanor, who just can’t get enough of the Lagree method. We think she’s pretty damn amazing, and we know you’ll feel the same!

Postpartum is Real and Lagree Can Help! Just Ask Lindsay

While Lindsay’s had a deep love for fitness and strength training for most of her adult life, it wasn’t until after giving birth to her youngest daughter in 2019 that she would find Lagree Fitness. Due to the high-intensity, low-impact nature of the Lagree Fitness method, Lagree helped heal Lindsay’s postpartum body and helped her regain strength. Fast-forward a few years and Lindsay is now a certified Lagree instructor out of Core Cycle Fitness Lagree in Providence, Rhode Island. But what has kept her coming back for more?

Never Grow Complacent. Lagree Forces Growth and Adaptation

Lindsay is addicted to the Lagree method for the same reason so many others are! It’s challenging nature and ability to force adaptation leaves Lagree-addicts coming back for more. When we asked Lindsay, she responded, “When I first tried Lagree, I was surprised how much it challenged me. Over time, I began to notice so much more strength, balance, and coordination in all my workouts and in my everyday life. I love the Lagree Method because every workout is different, so your body is constantly having to adapt.” Aside from feeling great after each class, the method has allowed her to find a place of happiness for both her body and her mind (and boy do mamas need a place of peace with all the craziness that happens at home)! 

Lindsay, we love your spirit and the love you have for Lagree Fitness. Thank you for sharing just how much Lagree has changed your life. We can’t wait to see your daughters grow to be Lagree-lovers just like their mama!

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