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May is for Mamas: Vacationing Doesn’t Stop This Stunning Mama from the Lagree Shakes

IN: May is for Mamas

Raising a kid is no easy task and multiply that task by two and you have quite the handful! Cutting out time for health and wellness may seem impossible for some, but Lagree enthusiasts (or should we call them Lagree-addicts?) are a whole different breed. Just ask Tamara, a resident of Mexico City and mother of two, Sebastián and Romina, who just cannot get enough of the method that has changed her life! 

Today, we’d like to give her some love and share just why she loves the Lagree method so much.

Lagree Addict? We’d Say So!

For more than three years, Tamara has practiced the Lagree method and rarely goes a day without jumping on the Megaformer! No, really, we mean it. Even when Tamara is on vacation, whether she’s in Houston, Dubai, Las Vegas, or Bangkok, Tamara is constantly searching for a Lagree Fitness studio near here! (Now that is commitment.) Of course, like every other Lagree enthusiast, there’s a reason for this addiction, and it’s no different for this beautiful badass of a mother.

“I Need Something That Remains Challenging”

As an extremely active person, Tamara was searching for a workout that would be ever-challenging. Needless to say, this type of exercise would be the Lagree method, which is why we aren’t surprised to learn that Lagree has changed and improved Tamara’s lifestyle, health, and wellness both physically and mentally. While she enjoys taking a class at any Lagree studio, she admits that her favorite is Soulcore Fitness Altavista, located in beautiful Mexico City.

Tamara, if there is anything we love here at Lagree Fitness, it’s the dedicated enthusiast that makes our brand what it is! We are proud to hear about your dedication to the method, and we are excited to continue watching your progress as both a badass mama and Lagree-lover!



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