If you’re a close follower of all things Lagree Fitness, you probably already know just who Heather Perren is, and, if you don’t, you should! That’s why we are here today—to highlight just how incredible of a person and mama this badass babe is and how she’s helping transform the Lagree community.


Mother of Triplets (But Still Has Abs—Say What?)

Aside from being a Master Teacher Trainer for Lagree Fitness and the Co-Founder of Lagreeing At Home, Heather is also a mama of not onenot two, but THREE kids. What’s even more insane? This six-pack-having Lagree badass is the mother of TRIPLETS. (Trust us, even we can’t believe how someone with such a rockin’ set of abs has given birth to three kids all at once. Guess the Lagree method is really that amazing!) 


Of course, giving birth to three beautiful babies created its own web of complications, including 16 weeks of bed rest, multiple hospital stays, delivering 9 weeks early, and a long stay in the NICU, yet when Heather is asked just how she did it, she responds with an unphased, “You just do!” (Talk about a tough cookie!)


But She Isn’t Just a Great Mama—She’s Helping Transform Lagree Fitness

Needless to say, Heather is an incredible mother worthy of endless praise—but what many might not know is that she is also responsible for bringing together the Lagree Fitness community in a way we have always wanted, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that! 

In fact, when we talked to Sebastien Lagree, creator and owner of Lagree Fitness, he couldn’t help but shine some light on the beautiful Heather Perren who keeps making this brand better and better every day:

“Heather loves Lagree Fitness and wants to bring the entire community together. She understands the importance in working together! She is full of ideas and is very creative, which is what Lagree is all about. She has been a wonderful addition to the team and has helped Lagree Fitness in so many ways. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with her!”

Heather, you are a rock star in our eyes, and we are so proud to have you as part of the Lagree Fitness team! Your kiddos (and our team) are so lucky to have you! Cheers to all your success and your future successes. Thanks for being such a badass. We love you!