As Jackson Hole’s premier and only comprehensive training facility, PURSUE offers exceptional Lagree Method classes taught on the world renown Megaformer, as well as other group classes, including cycling, barre, boxing, heated and non-heated yoga, and strength and endurance training. As a studio, PURSUE’s goal is to educate individuals on the importance of creating a strong health foundation built on functional training methods and findings in exercise science in order to yield results and prevent injury.


PURSUE’s 3 Pillars of Fitness

STRENGTH ENDURANCE + FLEXIBILITY: These are the three pillars of fitness at PURSUE. As strong believers that the body should be trained differently each day to optimize cardiovascular health, muscle stimulation and growth, and restoration and lengthening, each class offered in their studio emphasizes at least one of these pillars.


While each discipline at Pursue is different, this team touches on 5 common themes in every class:

  1. Breath and Core Work/Plank

  2. Large Muscle Stimulation

  3. Stabilizing Muscle Stimulation

  4. Lengthening

  5. Endurance

Of course, with this methodology in mind, it’s no wonder this badass studio gravitates towards the Lagree Method!

When The Lagree Method Became the Obvious Choice

For quite some time, the team at PURSUE searched for a “system” that incorporated a tension platform. With a studio located in an unforgiving mountain environment with clients who are constantly testing the limits of nature as well as their own physical and mental abilities, PURSUE’s team needed to find a method that replicates the extreme sports that test balance, muscle and cardiovascular endurance, and the mental toughness required when skiing, biking, hiking, and adventuring in the mountains.  Without a doubt, the Lagree Megaformer was the solution. Now, PURSUE’s clients are skiing harder and longer than ever before, getting new PRs in their running and biking endeavors, and noticing less chronic injuries due to the vigorous yet nourishing aspect of the Lagree practice that lengthens while strengthening bodies. For the first time ever, the athletes at PURSUE feel more balance in their training and in life.


But, this wasn’t the only thing that convinced the PURSUE team to haul in a fleet of Megaformers. PURSUE owner, Trish Fairbanks, also made this decision due to her personal testimony of the Lagree Method (and of course we are going to share):


“I LOVE the almost meditative feeling of the Lagree workout…the breath work really gets me to that place of meditation, going inward, finding out what I’m really made of.  AND, most importantly, the Lagree poses, movement patterns, and time under (constant) tension method has helped me rehab from two different spectacular skiing injuries—one blown disc in my neck (with subsequent surgery) and one blown knee (with subsequent surgery).  Between the intense plank work, which seems to be the ONLY core work that doesn’t bother my neck, and the unilateral work for my knee, I have gotten stronger through the years, even stronger than “pre-injuries”!”


Not All Studios are Created Equal—Some Set the Bar Pretty High

With every workout and ever class, PURSUE’s goal is to help each person leave the studio with a sense of accomplishment. As a studio that preaches about internal strength and fortitude, you’ll never find this studio talking about training for “bikini season” or a “beach body.”  As their team says, “The mountains don’t care what your pant or shirt size is, it’s about survival of the fittest out there. If you’re not feeling strong, resilient, energized, and motivated when you leave class, either we haven’t done our job or you’re not fueling your body adequately.” So, instead, this team of passionate trainers talks about how working out makes you better and allows you to have a positive impact on those in your sphere of influence.


The team at Lagree Method is proud to be represented by studios like PURSUE. As true advocates and innovators of exercise science, we truly believe that health and wellness starts from the inside out! PURSUE, thank you for spreading the word of what true fitness looks like! We love standing by the sides of true badasses like YOU.