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Studio Spotlight: Bare Fitness OC Strips It ALL Off! (Pun Intended)

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Are you ready to strip down (and not down to your birthday suit) so you can get down to the nitty gritty? Well, one fabulous Lagree Fitness studio located in beautiful Orange County is ready to help you do just that! With zero mirrors and only Lagree Fitness equipment and the sound of music and trainers in a dark room, clients of Bare Fitness OC have the luxury of focusing on what matters most—themselves! Today, we’d like to share just a bit about what makes this studio so badass and why their unique approach to the method keeps clients coming back over and over again. 

How the Studio Transformed into Bare Fitness OC

Believe it or not, Bare Fitness OC wasn’t always the poppin’, naked place it is today! In fact, it wasn’t until 2017 that this badass studio would come into existence.

It all started when Evelyn, founder of the studio, tried the Lagree Fitness method for the very first time in 2013. After giving birth to her fourth child, Evelyn was in need of a workout that could help her feel strong while also developing her core once again. That’s when she walked into a fitness studio that she believed was a mat Pilates class. WRONG. What Evelyn had actually walked into was a studio equipped with M2 Megaformers. As with most people, after one workout, she was hooked! She admits, “I had never felt my body shake and tremble in a good way!” After six months of religiously practicing the Lagree method, Evelyn decided to get her certification to teach.

Fast forward to 2017, Evelyn would purchase the studio she was working at and partnered with Ricardo (now her husband) in 2018 to expand the studio to what it is today!

What’s Up with the No Mirrors?

With a specialty in smaller, more intimate classes, clients benefit from one-on-one attention from the studio’s Lagree-certified trainers who work diligently to correct form, enhance movements, and challenge every person—regardless of their age or fitness level. With this unique approach to intimate training, mirrors aren’t needed at all. It’s no wonder clients leave every class feeling recharged and ready for more! So, if you’re looking to strip down to the basic, Bare Fitness OC is the perfect studio for you.

At Lagree Fitness, we love hearing about every studio’s unique approach to the method! Bare Fitness OC is changing the way things are done, and we love seeing all their success because of it. Know that the team at Lagree Fitness HQ is cheering you on!

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