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Studio Spotlight: Bold Studio is the Definition of Rising Phoenix

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2020 didn’t give us all a great hand. For some individuals, the cards they were handed led to discouragement, hardships, and, worst of all, loss. While there was little anyone could do to pivot in a time of trial and desperation, some did—and today we’d like to take a moment to share one studio who rose from the ashes despite the hellish year studio owners, gyms, and the public faced. 

Through perseverance, the will to beat all odds, and one hell of a support system, Bold Studio, a Lagree Fitness studio located in Berkeley, came out on top and is showing the world that there isn’t anything that can get in the way of their success and their clients’ evolution!


It Was All a Dream, They Used to Read “Open Up a Studio” Magazine

(You Know the Song)

It all started with a couple of sister-in-laws, Ashley and Hannah, who had a passion for Lagree Fitness and an even greater passion to pursue the greatest goal: to own their very own fitness studio together. Ashley, who was already an instructor at Bold Studio and managed studios on the Peninsula, decided it was time for a change. That’s when she moved in directly across the street from Hannah! As if it were planned, the two decided it was the perfect time to deep dive into one of their biggest life goals.


The Broken Road that Led to Success

With the studio on the verge of closing its doors due to the pandemic, the two persevered. As it was no easy task for the two, the Bold Studio community rallied together and stuck with these two committed ladies through the closures, capacity constraints, mask mandates, and more. Even when the studio could only offer Micro classes outside on the rooftop during the winter, the clients were there. This year of struggle not only showed Ashley and Hannah their own strength and dedication, but it gave the two an entirely new appreciation of their community and the importance of a family-like clientele. 


Where They Are Now

With an even greater dedication to their amazing clients and the beautiful community that surrounded them, the two curated a mission statement that would forever hold true: “Rediscover your power. Reconnect with your body.” 

Now, Bold Studio is a powerhouse comprised of all shapes, sizes, professions, and backgrounds, and every person feels seen, safe, and welcomed. At Bold Studio, clients walk through the door with a common goal, to get stronger or be healthier. When asked about the environment they have created, Ashley and Hannah shared:

But is more than just transforming bodies; we want to create a trusting environment that allows people to be part of a community with amazing instructors that help guide them in their Megaformer practice. We want every client to feel that they took a step outside their comfort zone, left it all on the Mega, and did so by being encouraged by their instructor or teammates. We believe that by gaining strength and confidence inside our studio, clients will exude this confidence in other aspects of life.


Here at Lagree Fitness, our team is passionate about inclusivity and acceptance. We want every Lagree-enthusiast to experience the life and passion that we hold so close to our hearts—and it’s with studios like Bold Studio that Lagree-lovers get to bask in that energy. Thank you, Bold Studio, for being an incredible example of what Lagree Fitness means to us! Keep kicking ass and changing lives.

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