Teaching the Lagree Fitness method is no easy task and finding a studio that provides top-notch instruction that is consistent with the principles curated by Sebastien Lagree isn’t any easier. But, some studios, including Coastal Core Fitness, a Lagree studio located in the Jersey Shore, have their teaching method dialed in, and the flow of students entering their studio doors exemplifies that. 


How Coastal Core Fitness Came to Be

The story of how Liz Collins fell in love with Lagree Fitness parallels with the stories of many other Lagree-obsessed individuals. All it took was a single Lagree class and Liz was in love. The method’s challenging nature called for an intense mind-body connection, and, at that moment, Liz knew she had to continue training and learning more about the method. 

After just a few classes, Liz started to see results and that’s what left her floored the most. How was it possible that she was working out less but was seeing better and faster results? Of course, she now knows it’s because the method is that good. Naturally, starting a Lagree studio of her own was the next step.


Incoming Baby!

In 2014, Liz gave birth to her first daughter. Like most new mommies, Liz realized just how much she yearned for more time as a mama and more time with her husband, Pat. The next decision was clearer than ever before.

Fast forward to 2015, Liz and her little family moved to the Jersey Shore, and, in 2015, Liz quit her job and opened Coastal Core Fitness. The rest was history. Now, Coastal Core Fitness is comprised of two studios and Liz’s family now includes three beautiful daughters, a happy dad, and one hell of a successful and happy businesswoman and mama!


Coastal Core Fitness is on a Mission

With a mission to help clients feel strong and accomplished, Coastal Core Fitness’ clients leave every class with a newfound sense of pride in both their ability to cut out time for themselves and their physical health. It’s no wonder this studio prides itself on being a studio founded on positivity, motivation, and wisdom. 

Lagree Fitness is proud to be surrounded by studios that deeply care for their clients and the original principles of the Lagree method. Thank you, Coastal Core Fitness, for being an example of what every Lagree studio should aspire to be.