There’s something to be said about a studio that continues to evolve, grow, and evolve some more. That is why we are especially excited to share with you a beautiful Seattle-based studio, INSPIRE, who recently celebrated their 11th anniversary! (CONGRATS, INSPIRE!)


Some time ago, a badass named Sue, who found herself working in banking, set out on a mission to find a workout she could love practicing and perfecting time and time again. After having tried many, Sue stumbled upon The Lagree Method and, like so many, fell (almost literally) head over heels. She had never immediately fallen in love with a particular exercise regimen—but this time, things was different. She realized how effective the workout was in such a short amount of time and knew that she had to share it with everyone she knew. So, the next logical step? Quitting her job. (We aren’t kidding.)


On a Mission Spread the Lagree-Love throughout the Seattle Area

Sue knew exactly what she needed do and shortly after leaving her job, she opened the doors to her very own, brand new, beautiful Lagree studio, INSPIRE, in Queen Anne Hill located in the gorgeous city of Seattle. Eleven years later and INSPIRE now serves Lagree-enthusiasts from not one, not two, but three locations, all of which can be found in the following neighborhoods: Queen Anne, West Seattle, and Ballard. 

Sue’s mission to spread the Lagree love throughout this magical city was no easy task, but it’s for good reason that clients view INSPIRE as a safe haven for which they can retreat, become inspired, and establish a feeling of capability and accomplishment. It is without a doubt that every client of INSPIRE leaves feeling both mentally and physically stronger than when they walked through the doors.