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Studio Spotlight: Introducing Reform, the Only Lagree Studio in Abu Dhabi

IN: Studio Spotlight

Launching and curating a Lagree Fitness studio that is unique yet bold is no easy task, but one studio has set itself apart with a sleek, beautiful space that guarantees total satisfaction every sweat and every shake. Introducing Reform, the only Lagree Fitness studio in Abu Dhabi that aims to maximize every clients’ progress through efficient, individually tailored workout programs that, of course, focus on the Lagree Fitness Method. 

But, like others, there was once a time when this studio didn’t exist and the Lagree method was yet to be discovered.

The Megaformer is a Game-Changer (and for Good Reason)

Aisha Tabia, owner of Reform, once lived a life without Lagree Fitness. (Say whaaaa!?) That is—until she finally tried to work out for herself. Like others, it was love at first burn. 

This beauty fell in love with the Lagree Fitness method when she took her first class on the Megaformer. Instantly, she felt challenged by the method and knew that this type of workout could only deliver some of the best results she had ever seen. (She wasn’t wrong.) Needless to say, this led to the opening of her very own Lagree studio that would become home to so many others.

Now, she, along with the other incredible instructors at her studio, teach this method to others and pride themselves in helping clients improve endurance and muscle strength in quick, yet highly effective training sessions that place an emphasis on a mind-body connection.

We are honored to have been the workout of choice for this gorgeous studio and look forward to watching this studio flourish even more. We are grateful for the evolution brought about by these incredibly unique studios!

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