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Studio Spotlight: Lagree Luxe Has Us Falling in Lagree-Love

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Just two years ago, Christa Chase, founder and owner of Lagree Luxe opened the doors to her very first Lagree studio in Denver. With a badass outlook on both business and fitness, and with a gorgeous ambience that serves as a place for pushing people beyond their comfort zones, it’s no wonder Lagree Luxe has now expanded to three locations, all of which live in the heart of these beautiful Denver neighborhoods:

  • Cherry Creek
  • Golden Triangle
  • Central Park

Fun fact: One of the locations was actually the first ever Lagree Fitness studio to have opened in Colorado in 2008, and Christa was lucky enough to take it over and make it exactly what it is today—a place that is equally intense, unique, and motivating!

Once Upon a Time

Of course, like all people (yes, that includes Lagree Fitness studio owners), there was a time when Christa had not yet discovered the beauty of the Lagree method—but it wasn’t long into giving it a try that it would steal her heart forever.

Actually, we would be lying if we didn’t admit that she fell completely head over heels (maybe almost literally due to the Lagree shakes) for the method during her first class. As an active person who has struggled with a series of knee issues, finding a high-intensity training method that both challenged her and maintained her injury-free health was challenging. That’s when she discovered Lagree and was impressed by how the method minimizes injuries and damage to the joints—all while delivering full-body results in just 45-minute sessions. As Christa said herself, “I thought my hard workouts were over forever until I found Lagree.”

A Happy Ever After

Once Christa realized just how effective the method truly is and how it can be applied to all fitness levels and ages, she knew it was time to begin her own journey in the Lagree world. Enter Lagree Luxe—where she now works day in and day out—alongside her team, to establish a high energy, motivating, and positive culture. When asked about her favorite part of running a Lagree Fitness studio, Christa responded, “We love when our clients leave feeling stronger than yesterday and empowered to work harder each day to meet their goals!”

Christa and all of the team at Lagree Luxe, we are grateful for badass studios like yours that do the Lagree Fitness brand MORE than justice. We are excited to hear about your growth and can’t wait to see where else you take this brand!

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