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Studio Spotlight: Let’s Say Hello to the Lovely K-Kore from Melbourne, Australia!

IN: Studio Spotlight

Without our brave Lagree Fitness studio owners and those who attend these challenging, high-intensity, low-impact classes, our brand would be nothing but a vision. It is our studios and the Lagree enthusiasts that remain the epicenter of our priorities. That’s why we are taking the time to recognize the studios that are making a name for themselves in their local communities. 

Today, we’d like to share a bit about K-Kore, a Lagree Fitness studio located in Melbourne, Australia!

Let’s Get into the Nitty Gritty of this Itty-Bitty Beautiful Studio!

Kylie Archer, founder of K-Kore, opened her studio doors in 2017 after being inspired by a Lagree Studio named H-Core. In November of 2020, Kylie was joined by her business partner, Steph Wong. Together, the two seek to inspire those who wish to transform their bodies by placing health and wellness at the forefront of what they do. While the studio now welcomes guests to a non-pretentious, no judgment environment where everyone is welcome, the journey to opening the studio wasn’t smooth. In fact, Kylie’s path to opening the studio was first triggered by ailments caused by CrossFit, a high-impact training method. 

The Method Spoke Volumes for Itself

After moving to Hong Kong, where H-Kore is located, in 2014, and after suffering several CrossFit injuries, Kylie knew it was time to give her body what it deserved—a challenging workout that didn’t come with the damage caused by high-impact workouts. That’s when she decided to give H-Kore a try. It was love at first shake. Kylie was intrigued and enamored by the low-impact method that proved to be effective after only one class. After months of dedication to the method, Kylie realized that her body not only felt stronger but was also free of the injury and pain caused by her former fitness routine. In that moment and in all the moments to come, Kylie decided it was time to open her very own.

Of course, the rest is history. Kylie and Steph’s greatest desire is to continue creating a space where clients are welcome to a non-judgmental environment that allows each person to enjoy a total body workout without all the nonsense caused by injury. When asked to describe their studio in three words, these two incredible women responded, “Community. Welcoming. Effective.” It’s to no surprise that K-Kore is making moves to become one of the greatest Lagree studios to have ever opened.

We are proud to have studios such as K-Kore represent Lagree Fitness so well. We wish you many years of success and cannot wait to watch your studio evolve alongside us!

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