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Studio Spotlight: Meet LagreeFIT, Australia’s Very First Lagree Fitness Studio!

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Finding a gym or place of fitness can be intimidating. With options on nearly every corner and franchise gyms everywhere, it can be difficult to find the one that is free of judgment and feels like home. But, thankfully for us at Lagree Fitness, we are represented by badass Lagree Fitness studios that hold true to an accepting, loving, fun, and hard-working energy! Today, we would like to shed some light on Australia’s first Lagree Fitness studio that exudes those exact qualities!

Please welcome LagreeFIT, an awesome studio that welcomes all ages, all fitness levels, and focuses on curating a welcoming, supportive, and challenging environment that delivers a sense of accomplishment and success in every class.

The Lagree Method Was an Easy Choice for These Badass Chicks

Out of Mosman and Surry Hills comes two incredible LagreeFIT studios, both of which are owned and managed by Sydneysiders, Karen Robbins and Leesa Melchert. While their personal obsession with the Lagree method allows them to channel positive energy and care into every class, it was the method’s ability to restore health that originally captivated these two. 

Karen, who is a marathon runner, suffered a knee injury and was looking to rehab her recurring knee injury. Similarly, Leesa, who had long been suffering from a chronic knee injury was on the search for a workout that was kind to her joints but still incorporated a functional strength and conditioning component. That’s when these two found the Lagree method; Karen and Leesa never looked back and it wasn’t long before these two would run their very own Lagree Fitness studios.

Why So Many Choose LagreeFIT (and We Can’t Blame ‘Em!)

Fast-forward some time and these two perfectly capture that perfect Lagree spirit, where community, care, and camaraderie are the pinnacle of their success. Due to their commitment and love for the method, the studio, and their clients, LagreeFIT has become a place where members come to challenge themselves, become stronger, achieve results, and make new connections along the way. 

When asked why these two love Lagree and why others should give it a try, the two responded, “There is no other workout that is functional, constantly challenging, focuses on all planes of movement in every single move, and strengthens your body from the inside out. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an athlete, love to keep fit and healthy, a new mum, or mature age—Lagree will help you to become the strongest you’ve ever been to achieve overall holistic health.”

Karen and Leesa, thank you for showing the world what the Lagree Method is made of! We stand by you and look forward to all the years and decades of your success!

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