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Studio Spotlight: MegaBurn Keeps Things SPICY in Portland!

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Our team at Lagree Fitness is thrilled to highlight the instructors and studios that make our world go round, and today, we plan on doing just that. Without our hard-working studio owners and their dedication to growing their incredible clienteles that get to enjoy our method, the Lagree name would be nothing but a typical fitness brand. We are grateful for the diligent efforts performed by these studios, and we love watching their growth every step of the way.

Now, without further ado, let’s catch up with MegaBurn, an Oregon-based studio that keeps things hot alllllll year round. (And we mean HOT.) 

Two is Better Than One—Duh

In 2016, MegaBurn was founded in Portland, Oregon by Carolynn (known on Instagram as @___carolynn__). While the first studio opened amongst the suburbs of this beautiful city, Carolynn and her team soon realized that more people were craving what this studio was throwing down. Fast-forward to 2019, MegaBurn opened their second location right in the heart of Southeast Portland—and it’s for good reason that clients keep coming back for more!

Not the Average Gym

As Carolynn states, MegaBurn keeps things spicy. Between the loud music, the dope sequencing, and their exceptionally motivating instructors, this little studio keeps things hot, busy, and addicting! Not only does this studio place an emphasis on keeping each routine high-intensity and low impact (what the Lagree method is known for), the MegaBurn team also specializes in injury prevention and rehabilitation. In doing so, they have been extremely successful in helping many clients build back their strength on the Megaformer following injury. 

When clients leave their gym, they feel ALIVE, strong, accomplished, and motivated to take on even the toughest challenges life might throw at them. It’s no wonder each client leaves feeling more confident than when they walked in! When asked what three words she would use to describe MegaBurn, Carolynn replied, “Community. Connection. Confidence.” and we could not agree more.

Thank you, Megaburn, for being a light to so many! We are inspired by your story and wish you endless success! We are so honored to work alongside incredible Lagree studio such as yours! 

As always, love, light, and Lagree.



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