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Studio Spotlight: Not 1, 2, but FIVE of the Studio Lagree Chicago Locations are Making Us Crazy (In the Best Way Possible)

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When a workout takes less than one hour, produces incredible results, and is performed on a high-end, high-quality machine that simply looks gorgeous, it can be difficult NOT to fall in love with the method. That’s exactly what happened for Lagree studio owner Jola Zablotny, who takes pride in her studio’s sense of motivation, exhilaration, and dedication. It’s no wonder this line of studios, Studio Lagree Chicago, now has five incredible, drop-dead-beautiful locations that keep their clients happy every day, every sweat, and every workout.

How It All Started

In 2014, Studio Lagree Chicago opened their very first studio in beautiful Highland Park, Illinois. Once the owners realized just how high in demand the Lagree method has been in their area, the team decided it was time to open another studio—then another—and another—and so on and so forth. Now, clients throughout Chicago have made the Lagree method their number one workout at each of the locations, which can be found in the following cities:

  • Highland Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • River North
  • Old Town
  • West Loop

With each studio channeling that positive energy that makes their clients feel alive, Studio Lagree Chicago has become a staple in Chicago's fitness scene and is known for providing the best shakes and burn throughout the city (but tell us something we don’t already know)!

What Keeps These Clients Coming Back Over and Over Again?

At Studio Lagree Chicago, each team’s goal is to help every client leave with a healthier, stronger body and state of mind. Through challenging, intense, focused, and exhilarating routines, each client that dominates the class is able to leave with a sense of accomplishment that allows them to carry those positive vibes and euphoric feelings into the rest of their days and weeks. Whether it's a client's first time or they have completed more than a thousand classes, Studio Lagree Chicago strives to make clients feel welcome and at home. 

At Lagree Studio, we are honored to work with such incredible studio owners and teams that continue to push this brand to new levels! Without the energy of studios such as Studio Lagree Chicago, we’d just be any other fitness brand (and as the saying goes, “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!”

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