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Studio Spotlight: PEAK | 45—Intelligent, Humble, Resilient, and All-Deserving

IN: Studio Spotlight

A gym or fitness studio’s mission shouldn’t end with exercise—it must encapsulate a multitude of qualities for attendees to see the true, long-term qualities of health, wellness, self-love, and above all else, community. At PEAK | 45, a boutique Lagree fitness studio founded in 2017, commitment to providing extraordinary instructors and training, a positive and encouraging atmosphere, and an unparalleled customer service experience remains above all else. When clients leave, they are guaranteed a refreshed and rejuvenated outlook with a sense of accomplishment for achieving something perhaps they never thought possible. It’s no wonder that this studio draws clients back over and over again!  

Of course, no success story comes without its challenges, and this studio’s perseverance speaks volumes.

A Global Pandemic Can’t Stop the Growth for this Lagree Studio!  

Although PEAK | 45’s Salt Lake City location had long been established, the new Park City location opened just three weeks before the pandemic led to the closure of gyms, boutique studios, and places of fitness everywhere. While this unfortunate series of events caused many to lose all they had worked for, the community at PEAK | 45 rallied together to show an immeasurable amount of support and love for the team at PEAK | 45. 

It wasn’t before long that the owners and instructors at this lovely studio realized that it wasn’t just a workout they were providing for clients—PEAK | 45 had become a place of acceptance, love, value, and community. The studio’s dedication to give back to their incredible clients only grew, and in turn, the clients’ love for this special studio alsoflourished. This two-way street allowed PEAK | 45 to prosper in a way never thought possible.

Now, as Jennifer Thorn, lead trainer at PEAK|45, elates, “PEAK | 45 is a place where people have come to share in life; we struggle together, we celebrate with one another, we lift each other up in times of struggle, but above all we challenge one another.  Peak|45 is elevating life!”

How it All Began

Of course, like all Lagree studios, there was once a time when these beautiful Utah studios did not yet exist but, like so many, only a class or two and these founders were head over heels for the method that proves itself over and over again. 

At Jennifer explains, “Along with so many others, the physical challenge, the mental challenge and ability to truly strengthen a body in 45 minutes with incredible results is where the love affair began. We live in an area where true athletes live, train, and work.  Knowing the lifestyles in our beautiful mountainous towns, the founders of PEAK|45 knew the Lagree method had to be brought to Utah.”

Our team at Lagree Fitness is proud of PEAK | 45’s success, perseverance, and complete selflessness. We take pride in being represented by those that serve the Lagree Fitness name well, and your team goes above and beyond to provide just that. Thank you for being a place of support, love, and Lagree! We KNOW that growth is the only thing headed your way.

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