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Studio Spotlight: Redefined Fitness Studio Certainly Earned Its Name—and They’re Changing the Game!

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When you think of fitness, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it non-stop sweating? Is it shortness of breath due to intense cardio? Is it trembling legs and muscles? For every person, fitness and exercise are different—but it’s important to know that there isn’t just one way to get and stay fit. Just ask Sarah Diab, owner of Redefined Fitness Studio, who saw it as her mission to redefine what fitness meant to her—and who is now on a mission to help others redefine their healthy lifestyles as well.

Taking the Leap of Faith & Caught by Lagree Fitness

When passion looks you dead in the eye, you can’t just walk away. Pursuit of passion tends to lead to a road to success, and it was no different for Lagree-loving Sarah. As a 23-year-old fitness junkie and athlete, Sarah felt like something was missing. While she knew health and wellness were her greatest passions, she found it difficult to imagine making it a career that could also support her livelihood. That is—until one day—Sarah woke up and decided that she was ready to take the leap of faith. 

With one goal in mind, Sarah opened the very first Lagree Fitness studio in Wilmington, North Carolina, her hometown (and right before the pandemic at that)! 

From Redefined Fitness Studio came Sarah’s heart. Her dedication to showing others a new way of exercising and training the mind and body allowed her studio to not only survive the pandemic but to thrive! Now, on a regular basis, she is able to show others that moving slowly and in a controlled manner can challenge them in ways they may have never thought possible. The results? Strong and energetic outcomes without the risk of injury. Now, every client that walks through the door is able to witness the Lagree magic—its intense therapeutic approach that not only slows the body but slows and retrains the mind as well.

Plan on Paying This Studio a Visit? Here’s What You Can Expect!

Redefined Fitness Studio channels an all-inclusive energy that serves as a safe space for newcomers, seasoned Lagree vets, and anyone in between. Regardless of your fitness level or experience, each client is guaranteed to walk out feeling challenged, confident, and excited to come back. 

As Sarah likes to note to new clients, the Megaformer is a humbling and incredible rewarding machine that requires each user to dig deep, find inner strength, and achieve new heights not otherwise thought possible. With an exercise method and studio like this, how can anyone be anything but addicted?

Our team at Lagree Fitness loves hearing stories of how Lagree Fitness studios came to be—and we love finding others who just can’t seem to get enough of the method. Sarah, thank you for being a great example of what the Lagree method is! We aren’t just a method or the creator of fitness equipment, we are focused on revolutionizing what fitness is meant to be—and we are grateful to have you, your energy, and your beautiful studio by our side!

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