For some, group fitness classes can be intimidating, impersonal, and, oftentimes, flat-out boring. Nothing could be further from the truth for one special studio located in the heart of Chicago!

Resistance Studio offers an incredible hype-worthy environment that fuel’s each person’s motivation and invites each to reach new levels of fitness in every class. Of course, this inspiring, gorgeous studio once started as an idea and is now home to many Lagree-enthusiasts who love to sweat, shake, and make friends with others fitness lovers! Let’s take a look at what sets this Lagree studio apart!

One Thing Leads to Another

When you think of a first date, do you imagine a romantic candlelight dinner followed by a walk to the local ice cream shop? Well, once again, nothing could be further from reality for Erin Heatherton, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel, and her boyfriend, Karol. These two rambunctious lovers started out their relationship with a first date in a Lagree class. Erin shares, "I loved how the slow intensity of Lagree took me out of my head and brought me into my body." 

Completely hooked from the jump, it was only a matter of time that these two would open their very own Lagree studio. Fast-forward a few years and VOILA! Resistance Studio was born! 

It’s All About Empowering Each Person That Walks Through the Doors!

With sleek, clean, and minimalistic vibes, this studio focuses its energy on those that are kicking ass on the Megaformers. In doing so, each class drives home the feeling of self-improvement, community, and empowerment! Erin explains, "We want everyone to leave with an endorphin buzz, a feeling of accomplishment and inspiration to take on the rest of their day!" For these reasons, Resistance Studio is committed to keeping each class small and tight-knit, so every member can get the support and motivation they need from their instructors. You can bet that when you work out here, you will get a high-energy workout every minute, every rep, and every set!

Resistance Studio, you’re doing things right, and our team at Lagree Fitness loves hearing about why so many love attending your classes. Keep kicking ass! Your evolution is contagious.