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Studio Spotlight: SculptHouse Lets You “Get it All In” If You Know What We Mean

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At Lagree Fitness, we give our studio owners a metaphoric standing ovation every day of every year. Without these trusty studio owners who work diligently to make the Lagree name what it is, we’d just be the average fitness brand. It’s our studio owners and the Lagree instructors that teach the method that bring so much joy and evolution to our brand. 

That’s why we’d like to highlight SculptHouse, the world’s first fitness studio to combine the Lagree Fitness method + treadmill! Let’s dive into what makes this studio so unique!

50 Minutes of Sweaty, Shaky Badassery in Each Serving

SculptHouse, located in the hearts of two beautiful cities, Dallas and Atlanta, was founded by Katherine Mason who is still the CEO boss-babe in charge! What makes this studio particularly unique is its merging of two workouts—the Lagree method and treadmill madness. Each 50-minute action-packed class is comprised of a 25-minute Lagree-focused segment and 25-minutes of intense treadmill intervals—giving each guest a quick workout that is founded on high-intensity, sweat-induced training! As Katherine and her instructors like to say, it’s the perfect workout to “get it all in” (and we could not agree more).    

Client-Focused Energy Creates One Hell of a Community in This Studio

At SculptHouse, the team places their clientele as the number one priority and ensures every class is the best part of each client’s day. By providing a safe space where guests can become part of a community that continuously works hard to inspire and lift each other up, guests are able to leave their workout with a renewed sense of self-worth and accomplishment. In every class, the goal is to help guests realize the importance of health and wellness and how it pertains to happier, more confident lives. 

When asked to use three words to describe her iconic Lagree studio, Katherine responded, “Individuality. Balance. Community.” It’s no wonder those that step foot into SculptHouse leave with smiles (and lots of sweat)!

The Lagree Fairytale that Lives on Forever.

Once upon a time, before opening SculptHouse, Katherine worked as a trainer and fitness model in New York City. During this time, in her early 20s, she was introduced to the Lagree method. As a lifelong athlete, Katherine fell in love with the way the method consistently challenged her. Having always been a muscular and athletic person, Katherine often found it difficult to lean out to her liking. Of course, Lagree did just that while also providing a high-intensity, low-impact workout that differentiated itself from all the rest. After practicing the method for quite some time, Katherine felt the urge to share the method with others and the rest was happy ever after. Now, she shares the method with clients far and wide and enjoys seeing each person push their bodies and minds to new limits!

If you find yourself in the Dallas or Atlanta areas, stop in and say hello to the incredible team at SculptHouse—you may even find yourself shopping for some new workout gear in their athleisure boutique! We are proud to call this studio a member of the Lagree family and look forward to decades of growth for Katherine and her team!


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