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Studio Spotlight: Studio Novo is Taking Nashville to a Whole New Level

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There’s just something uniquely special about the fitness studios that just feel like home. You walk in, you’re immediately greeted by people who truly care for you, and then you go to work—with people who are like-minded and are there to lift you up. 


While not every fitness studio is like this, many Lagree studios are, and some just to it a little bigger and a little better. Please welcome Studio Novo Nashville, a Lagree Fitness studio that perfectly fits the definitions: empowering, supportive, and energizing. It’s no wonder why some of their clientele has been with them since the day they opened their doors nearly 8 years ago.


Ain’t Nothing but a Lagree-Thang, Baby!
The idea of opening a purely Lagree-based studio started just about a decade ago when the (now) owners of Studio Novo tried Lagree. Like most, the first session left them completely awestruck. It isn’t Pilates. It isn’t bootcamp. It isn’t yoga. Rather, the Lagree method is founded on the principles of high-intensity, low-impact training that provides a unique, inimitable combination of strength training, endurance, and cardio. In just one sweat-session, the owners knew what they had to do for themselves and for the greater good of Nashville!


Two is Better Than One When it Comes to All Things Lagree

Fast-forward to the summer of 2013 and Studio Novo Nashville officially opened its first location. As the first and only Lagree studio in Nashville, you can imagine that this studio, due to one incredible reputation, was quite busy—which left the owners no other choice but to open a second location in 2014. Now, with two Lagree studios in the Nashville area, Lagree-enthusiasts have a home base for an awesome community that welcomes new-comers and Lagree-veterans, from close and from afar, with open arms. 


The attitude and energy each instructor brings to the studio for every workout reminds every client just how lucky they are to enjoy a family of fellow Lagree Fitness lovers all while sweating, accomplishing goals, and creating the best versions of themselves possible!

Studio Novo, you are a forced to be reckoned with, and we cannot wait to continue watching all the successes that are coming your way. Keep rockin’ out and keep those Lagree-lovers smiling like you always have! We love you.

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