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The Future of Lagree Fitness in 2020: Interview with Sebastien Lagree


Sebastien Lagree never stops. In fact, some might argue that this visionaire never sleeps, and with 2020 well under way, we might not disagree with that argument. In this interview, Sebastien gives us a sneak peek on what we can expect in 2020.


  1. 2019 was a huge year for Lagree Fitness. Why and how will 2020 be even better?

“This will be the first year we will provide an at-home solution for people! We are really excited about that. Also, we will launch several crucial technologies, such as the remote-control spring change that will definitely change the industry. Not only will these technologies be easy and convenient for teachers, but they will change how the entire method is taught because the method will not be possible without these new technologies. We are evolving. This is just the beginning.”


  1. In regard to the fitness industry, what changes do you hope to see this year?

“It’s funny you ask that—I don’t want the fitness industry to change because we are thriving in it. Most companies and manufacturers are building and launching new equipment, but there aren’t any real advancements because they aren’t trying to advance. I really believe we, Lagree Fitness, is leading the way. Lagree is advancing both the method and the machinery.”


  1. Do you expect to see any new competition for Lagree Fitness?

“Yes, I do. We expect to see more competition—and copycats—but by people who don’t truly understand the fitness industry. They don’t really love it—they want to monetize it. They don’t really have any real interest in the industry. At Lagree, we are passionate about all of it, and that’s why so much time goes into developing the methods, the technologies, and the product. We don’t stop.”


  1. In late 2019, you launched the Evo Megaformer. Do you think you will be creating new versions of the Evo as you did with the M2 and the M3? If so, what new features will the new versions offer?

“Yes! This year, we will be launching the M4, the M5, and the EVO on a monorail. In fact, all of these will be on a monorail. The M4 will be a Megaformer equipped with a single ramp, and the M5 will have ramps on both the front and the back! All three will completely enhance the way the Lagree method is taught.”


  1. What are some other pieces of equipment you will launch in 2020?

“I am really excited to finally be able to launch the Ultraformer as well as the Iformer. Now that we have the technology to release all this new equipment, I really can’t wait to unveil it.”


  1. What was your inspiration for designing the Evo?

“Hm. See, I didn’t have a specific inspiration. I really just wanted to simplify the Megaformer so it’s much easier to use, especially for someone who has never been on a Lagree machine before. On the maintenance side, I wanted something simpler, more intuitive, and cleaner in design. I just saw room for growth and improvement, and so the Evo was born!”


  1. What makes your equipment different from any other fitness equipment on the market?

“I see Zumba and CrossFit and all these other methods—and then I see their presidents. They don’t teach anymore. So, I guess the answer to that would be the fact that I teach! And because I’m passionate, I will always be teaching. It’s important. It’s a life-long pursuit, and it’s personal for me. I’m not doing it for the money. I’m doing it because I see the potential in the market. We have to continue to evolve because evolution matters.”


  1. Should the public look forward to seeing equipment become available for their homes?

“Yes. We will be launching the first at-home solution at the beginning of this year, and we will continue to develop the at-home collection. We are building an entire ecosystem of products so each person can have a fully functioning Lagree gym right in their home—and anywhere else!”


  1. What is Lagree Fitness’s biggest and most tenacious goal for 2020?

“Our biggest goal is to complete the Supraformer 2.0. It’s been a beast since 2013 when the first version launched. Now, after seven years in the making, we will finally have the fully developed version. Right now, we are working on finishing touches on the user-interface tutorials for the at-home app. There is just so much launching this year. It’s going to be huge!”


  1. No doubt new equipment will be launching in 2020. Will new Lagree workout methods also be seen in 2020?

“Yes, there will certainly be advancements in our method, especially with the unveiling of the “Suprafast” remote. It’s going to completely change the industry. We are really excited for it!”


  1. How many countries is Lagree Fitness currently in?

“Well, total, we have about 55 non-US Lagree Fitness locations.”


  1. What countries do you hope Lagree Fitness will move into during 2020?

“We are expecting to move into Russia, Columbia, Israel, South Africa, Greece, and Saudi Arabia.”


  1. If you could sum up Lagree 2020 in one word/phrase/sentence, what is it?

“Evolution and Everywhere.”


  1. What should we all be looking out for in 2020?

“I will just say that 2020 will set the precedent for the next decade. This year, there will be lots of innovations, surprises, and just really big things happening! We are taking the best with us and will continue to provide only the best. That’s just what we do.”


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