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When It’s Meant to Be, It’s Meant to Lagree- Santiago and Margie Tell Us!

IN: Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

Our team at Lagree Fitness is excited to share yet another incredible couple that enjoys long walks on the beach shaking and sweating to the Lagree method together! Margie and Santiago have shared their love story with us, and now we are here to share it with you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to get inspired!

The Lovers Met and Time Ceased to Exist

More than 13 years ago, the two met shortly after Santiago arrived in Australia from Brazil with the sole purpose of learning the English language. While the intent was for Santiago to be in the states no more than four months, the universe had other plans. These two creative souls, Santiago, a classical pianist, and Margie, a jeweler, were destined to be together. 

Now, years later, the lovely couple, along with their precious pups, Beethoven and Valentino, resides in an apartment in gorgeous Sydney just across the street from LagreeFIT Mosman, a local Lagree Fitness studio. Of course, it’s to no surprise that, shortly after moving in, either of them would try the introductory class to see what the Lagree method was all about. 

The Start of Their Lagree Journey 

Like many others, the introductory class had her hooked, and Margie immediately became a member of the studio. Intrigued by how Margie’s body began to transform, Santiago decided he needed to see for himself. (At the time, he had only ever committed to weight training.) We aren’t surprised that Santiago was also possessed by the method’s powerful qualities, and so the two began attending classes together. Not much has changed since then—except their strength and endurance. 

The Undying Love for the Lagree Method

Margie and Santiago are now full-fledged Lagree enthusiasts, consistently pushing each other out of their comfort zones with just a glance or a smile midway through the class and, sometimes, even by putting a few extra springs on the other’s Megaformer. As an extremely challenging method that seemingly has no limits, the two work together to bring out the best versions of each other day in and day out, and Lagree Fitness is proud to be there with them in those moments.

When asked if they would recommend the Lagree method to others, Margie shared, “We encourage all couples to give Lagree a try, only because we both love it so much and we know it delivers fantastic results and is something enjoyable you can do as a couple. We will be doing Lagree forever, and with the way the machines are designed, we won’t have to ever stop.”

Lagree Fitness is honored to be such a beautiful part of your relationship, and we look forward to following your fitness journey. Thank you, Margie and Santiago, for being powerful forces that represent the Lagree method so well.

Love, light, & Lagree.


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