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Why We Lagree: Callie Spills the Tea on Lagree

IN: Why We Lagree

Our team searches far and wide to share with you some of the most inspiring Lagree enthusiasts around—and today we are doing just that. Callie, a Lagree enthusiast from beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, is here to share just why she adores and continues to practice our challenging (yet rewarding) method!

Not Just Your Average Gym-Goer—She’s Sets the Bar Pretty High

When she isn’t strumming her harp (incredible, right?), jamming on the guitar, watching college basketball, or spending time with her nieces and nephews over Skype, Callie can be found in the gym. Her dedication to the Lagree method is undeniable (just look at her), and from what she’s told us, it’s because the method is challenging and allows her to build confidence each time she completes a workout. She even adds, “Instructors often say ‘You can do hard things!’ I think about that phrase both in class and outside of class.” But, of course, there was once a time when Callie was first introduced to the method that would soon become her addiction. 

“Wait, I Thought I Was Already in Shape.”

In April 2018, Callie’s friend, Liz, began teaching the Lagree method at Reformadison, the first and only Lagree gym in all of Wisconsin. Being the gym-junkie that she is, Callie decided to give the method a whirl in Liz’s class and, needless to say, she was impressed. At first, she was confused. How could a method that required her to “go slow” produce such drastic results? She attended another class. That’s when she realized that despite having a regular fitness regimen, the Lagree method took the word “challenging” to an entire new level. Now, Callie is a full-blown Lagree addict! (No, really. We mean it. This beauty practices Lagree 4 to 5 times per week!) But, like so many other Lagree enthusiasts, it’s not just the method that makes the world a difference—it’s the studio in which she practices that keeps her coming back for more. 

Location, Location, Location.

As we’ve mentioned before, Callie attends Reformadison, the beautiful Madison Lagree studio founded and owned by Katie Frank. Aside from creating a space where people like Callie can sweat, shake, and feel muscles they’ve never felt before, Reformadison’s focus is social justice that puts people and community first. As Callie states, “While I love Lagree for helping me see my obliques, I love Reformadison for helping me see we’re beholden to improving the quality of life for more than just ourselves.” 

Callie, thank you for being an inspiration both to our team and Lagree enthusiasts everywhere. Your personal evolution pushes us to continue evolving for all the Lagree-lovers around the world. As you already know, we’ll be cheering you on and watching you become even more badass!

Photo credits: @honeyedblisslife

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