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Why We Lagree: Nicci Got Her Swag (and Confidence) Back!

IN: Why We Lagree

For us, it’s the dreamers, visionaries, and the tenacious Lagree enthusiasts that differentiate our brand from other fitness equipment brands and methods. Our enthusiasts’ commitment to living heathier, stronger lives through what we create continues to inspire our efforts and evolution!

Today, we are ready to share how one amazing individual not only used the Lagree method to achieve her fitness goals but used it to change her life for the better. We want to share her story with you in hopes that her story may inspire you as it has us. But first, let’s take a moment to get to know just who she is.

Fun Times in North Dakota 

Nicci Johnson, a kind soul from Bismarck, North Dakota puts the “fun” at the center of everything!  As a local CBS affiliate, a business owner of two businesses, and the owner of one dog and two cats, this busy lady loves to go, go, go.

When she isn’t sipping coffee, caring for beautiful plants, or enjoying nature, Nicci can be found spending time with her husband of two years whom she met in ninth grade and reconnected with more than 20 years later. Together, the two travel, adventure, and achieve their dreams!

She’s Bringing Sexy Back (YEAH!)

As a person who measures her success on the amount of fun she is having, Nicci sets the bar high for enthusiasts we love to hear from! By dreaming, setting goals, and conquering them, Nicci used the Lagree Fitness method to shed weight and regain her confidence. 

While she spent most of her life as an active person, there was one point in which she lost touch with that side. Each time she attempted to commit to a fitness regimen, it became overwhelming and no longer felt fun. This soon turned to depression which led to weight gain and isolation. When the pandemic started and much of our lives came to a slow, Nicci had reached the lowest of lows and decided she had had enough, and something needed to be done.

That’s when she began a structured nutrition program that allowed her to lose 60 pounds. As if the stars had aligned at the perfect time, Nicci was introduced to the Lagree method and that’s when it all began. She was ready to take on the challenges mentally and physically. As soon as she touched the carriage and the music started pumping, Nicci remembered just who she was and became ecstatic about her fitness journey! She was engulfed in a fun, uplifting, and empowering atmosphere, and her “girl crush” coaches helped her experience the ride of a lifetime. She was hooked! She states, “Lagree helped me feel ALIVE, Sexy, Fun and FREE. It gave me permission to step into the next level of my life.”

Now, Nicci has regained control of her life and is thriving both emotionally and physically!

We are proud to be part of so many people’s lives and are constantly inspired to continue creating and innovating for enthusiasts everywhere! We look forward to sharing more stories from champions like Nicci!

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