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Why We Lagree: Rachel Greenbaum is a Badass in So Many Ways!

IN: Why We Lagree

Our team at Lagree Fitness is proud to share the Lagree enthusiasts that dedicate themselves to pursuing happiness while also committing themselves to our challenging (but very rewarding) method. Today, we’d like to introduce to your Rachel Greenbaum one of the most impressive women we’ve ever met. 

Not only is Rachel a Lagree enthusiast, but she is a ballerina, competitive figure skater, a cardio kickboxing instructor, a Krav Maga black belt instructor, and so much more! We can speak volumes on this woman’s tenacity and drive, but today we are going to dive into why this badass adores Lagree Fitness. (Of course, it means that much more coming from such an impressive individual.)

Where the Love for Lagree Began

In 2013, Rachel moved from Texas to Los Angeles and began searching for a means of fitness after breaking her right foot in three places. She started by taking Barre classes to remain active, but she was in search of more.

One day, on her way to a hair appointment, Rachel stumbled upon Studio MDR. Having done mat Pilates for years on her own, she knew that what she was looking at was nothing close to a Pilates reformer. She had never seen any machine quite like the Megaformer. On her way out of the salon, she popped her head into the studio and signed up for a week-long trial. Like others, she was immediately hooked.

The Love that Continued to Flourish

While Rachel has been an athlete of varying levels of fitness for the large majority of her life, she elates that Lagree has allowed her to fall deeper in love with fitness and has helped her take her fitness journey to the next level. With each class, she explores more movements and deeper intensity that continues to increase her strength as well as mind-body awareness. Aside from a leaner, more sculpted body, Rachel enjoys the added benefits of the Lagree method, which include improved posture, balance, poise, and focus.

Since many of Rachel’s other fitness routines include a more competitive nature, the Lagree method offers a slower yet highly effective workout that keeps her safe from injury. When asked what her favorite thing about the Lagree method is, Rachel responded:

I look forward to pushing myself every class and finding ways to make it even more challenging. Within the last year, I’ve started training with a weighted vest and ankle weights equaling about 15% of my body weight in addition to incorporating dumbbells. A lot of what I do is extremely aggressive and explosive in movement, and I really enjoy the counterbalance of Lagree’s slow, controlled, injury-free and highly effective strength training. And of course, the results. I love that no matter how good I get, I can always get better.

It’s to no surprise, then, that this fitness junky also holds a certification to teach the Lagree Fitness method. (Again, what a complement to our brand coming from someone so widely involved in the fitness industry.)

Rachel, Lagree Fitness is lucky to have such a dynamic, motivated individual represent our brand. We are dedicated to evolving just as you do day in and day out. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us. We look forward to watching you thrive!

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