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Yin & Yang do the Lagree Thang—And We Love Megan and Brent’s Love!

IN: Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

The saying goes, “Opposites attract,” and nothing could be truer for Megan and Brent, a lively couple that resides in beautiful Texas. While their personalities are strikingly different, the two come together to create a strength, bond, and balance that any duo would be lucky to experience. As part of their way of nurturing the beautiful relationship the two have cultivated, they practice the Lagree method both separately and together. Before we get into all of that, let’s learn more about their beautiful love story!

Life Happens When You’re Busy Making Plans

Megan and Brent started dating nearly 22 years ago and married in 2004. Four years after exchanging vows and committing to a life full of love and happiness, Liv, their lovely daughter, entered this crazy yet amazing world. As Megan elates, “We agree that Liv is the reason God brought us together. She's an amazing human. Kind, patient, a hard worker—the best of us in a smaller, prettier package.” Now, this little threesome of joy adventures together, has fun together, laughs a ton, and spends time with their extended families who live close by. Of course, all of this “fun stuff” takes place when Megan and Brent aren’t working. 

In the Words of Rihanna: “Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.”

Brent is a Master Carpenter and Megan works full-time at what she likes to call a sedentary job—both of which are jobs that demand physical fitness. For Brent, Lagree helps him decompress from lots of heavy lifting and always being on his feet while the Lagree method helps Megan offset her sedentary job. Aside from the physical portion of the method, the mental portion of the Lagree method allows both to push beyond their comfort zones and into a realm of discipline, which in turn, translates to satisfaction and gratitude.

Where the Lagree Obsession Began

After their daughter was born, Megan and Brent decided it was time to start working out together, so they joined a traditional gym. The two found that although they were working out (Megan attended group fitness classes and Brent stuck to traditional weightlifting), they weren’t working out together. That’s when fate struck!

After discovering that her local barre and cycle studio would be permanently closing, Megan’s friend, Liz Landry, who was also a regular at that studio, invited Megan to try a class at Evolve Lagree, a Lagree studio based in Fort Bend County. (Liz had been an avid Lagree enthusiast for years and couldn’t wait to share the method.) Megan took the class and that’s when she fell in love.

The Lagree method was far different and far more challenging that the other workouts and fitness routines Megan had tried. The classes were intimate, the transitions between exercises were quick, and each class was unique. She thought to herself, “Brent has got to try this! The Megaformer will surely get him in the door.”

While strength has never been an issue for Brent, flexibility didn't come as easily. After showing him videos and photos of the Megaformer, Megan was successful in getting Brent to attend a class alongside her. (You don’t need to act surprised for what we are about to read…) Brent was hooked and agreed to a second class, then a third. Now, he’s a Lagree-fanatic forever. The Lagree method has provided a way for him to create a mind-body connection that was not possible at a traditional gym.

The Couples that Lagree Together, Stay Together. 

Now, this awesome couple trains together and enjoys the added benefits of increased strength! By practicing at Evolve Lagree, the two have established a newfound common ground and uses their shared classes to connect even further. As the couple explains, “We like to grab lunch or a protein shake afterwards, which gives us time to talk, and enjoy each other’s company.  We didn't realize how much we needed this time together. Now, we schedule our lives around it. We've even tried Lagree classes in other cities when we travel!”

Megan and Brent, today we cheers to you! Thank you for sharing your story with us. As always, it is couples like you that push us to continue our journey of evolution! We look forward to watching your progress as you continue practicing this high-intensity, low-impact method!

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