Hi, my name is Sebastien Lagree, I am the creator and founder of Lagree Fitness. Welcome to the Lagree Family. Lagree Fitness is the first workout specifically designed to be high intensity and low impact. I'd like to think of Lagree as the perfect alternative to Crossfit or other H.I.T.. In addition of the method and the equipment, I created this online training database based on the science, studies, research, and many years of personal experience in the fitness industry. Lagree started about 20 years ago (although it wasn't named Lagree) and now over a million people do Lagree worldwide! Lagree is a unique workout. It's the only workout that effectively combines Strength, Endurance, Core, Cardio, Balance and Flexibility.

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Lagree Fitness is a method that I have been developing for the past 20 years. Nothing on this website should be considered "set in stone."
Fitness is multi facet. My mission is to find all the facets and integrate them all into one effective and efficient training. Currently, Lagree effectively stimulates Strength, Endurance, Cardiorespiratory Health, Body Composition, Flexibility; Core and Balance.

Lagree Fitness is a challenging workout but the best part is that it's low impact.  As a matter of fact, Lagree Fitness is the highest intensity and lowest impact workout currently on the market. It is an efficient, full-body sculpting, and fat-burning workout. Lagree Fitness is designed to test and improve your Cardio, Strength, Endurance, Core, Balance, and Flexibility. You should expect to sweat and feel your muscles shake. It is a workout that leaves you feeling energized and stronger. I created the workout and the equipment so that it is adaptable to all fitness levels.


The Machine and The Method are both evolutionary—They are constantly and gradually developing and improving. They are in a constant state of R&D. There is no plateau with Lagree Fitness. Evolution and adaptability will ensure that it's never stays the same. As science, technology, and our knowledge and understanding of the best ways to improve and test our fitness, we adapt the Lagree Method.

The Lagree Fitness Equipment evolves to keep challenging the students, engaging the teacher, and optimizing the efficiency of the workout. Lagree is authentic and unique. It is done on patented equipment. And now, Lagree Fitness is a patented Method for any method using a multi-axis system.

Another reason for all the innovations is to prevent from the teacher to get bored. We want to make sure the teacher can go in and teach whatever they want and then feel free to explore movements with as many options possible.

Don’t ever expect a printed manual. The training materials are all online because the information is constantly changing—We are adding more components such as the new 3D page; and features to the equipment. We are creating new generations of machines. Printed Manuals would be quickly outdated or obsolete. Plan on staying up-to-date by either attending the Teacher Training Weekends or checking the Teacher Training Website.


Lagree Fitness is a high-intensity, low-impact workout. I wanted to design a workout that challenges the muscles, but does not put strain or pressure on the spine and the joints. In addition to hitting all five elements of physical fitness, Lagree Fitness trains your body and your mind; and is the ultimate workout.  Lagree Fitness also has some of the best movements on planet Earth— Movements that are ultra effective and fun.

Some say it feels like magic, but it's really science. Lagree Fitness has been developed from over 30 years of personal experience in fitness. Lagree Fitness trains the muscles to contract stronger in the whole kinetic chain, with the joints in alignment. And Lagree trains at a slow tempo for the body to reprogram neuromuscular patterns, so when you go out and do anything else that you do, the body remembers how to do it more efficiently.

The Lagree Method focuses on 6-key Training Elements to effectively stimulate the muscle fibers. The term "Effective" is important to understand. When it comes to training the body, we need the precise amount of intensity to encourage and inspire change. As you study the articles, please take extra care to understand the 6 -key Training Elements. This will be your toolkit for effectively teaching all of the movements in the Lagree Fitness arsenal. [Study Course 101: The Science Behind Lagree Fitness]. You must understand the following:


Body alignment/angle is the optimal placement of the hands and feet to optimize muscle fiber recruitment and minimize any excessive stress on the joints and the spine. What angle should you perform an exercise at? Form always prevails over everything else


What's the Range of Motion for each exercise? Is there a difference between the range of motion of a muscle vs the range of motion of the movement? Now that you have perfect form, you must stay withing the effective range of motion


How much resistance do you need to trigger a positive adaptive response? How does variable tension allowing us to train a wide variety of ability levels? The resistance must be challenging but not so challenging that is compromises Form, ROM, Duration, and Tempo.


How long does it take for an exercise to be effective? How can we train both aerobically and anaerobically? You must be able to keep proper Form and ROM throughout the entire duration of an exercise; otherwise the intention is lost


Why is speed such an important factor in Lagree? How does slow-twitch muscle fiber training benefit us? You must work without momentum. I called these 5 first keys "the Magic 5." There is one more key but this one is more specific to the Supra.


Effective Planes of Motion deal primarily with the Supra, so you will not study this in this course. To really understand about planes of motions, you have to learn how your body responds to exercise if it's up, tilted, or a combination of the two.


The Lagree Fitness line of Equipment thrives on variable tension. Whether it is from springs or electronic, the tension throughout an exercise is never the same. The tension will change with the movement of the carriage—On the Mega, as you move the carriage out, the spring stretches and the tension increases. As the carriage moves back in, the spring compresses and the tension decreases. It’s a universal law of physics and it is a consideration for everything in the Lagree Method: modifications, variation, range of motion, etc. This type of tension is often referred to as gradual, variable, and also called accommodating tension. The variable tension is different from the tension you get from weights. Weights are static. A dumbbell does not become heavier as you pick it up and move it.

Spring Tension works smarter than Static Tension — When you look at your muscles, and examine each effective range of motion, the variable tension is especially accommodating to the strength curve of the muscle. And just as there is an effective range of motion for the muscles and movement, there is a strength curve for both the muscles and movements. Example 1: The Biceps Muscles have a strength curve that increases as the muscle contracts and peaks toward the end of the range of motion. Example 2: The Wheelbarrow Exercise has a curve that is strongest as set-up and then becomes challenging and then too stressful on the spine as you press the carriage away. In both of these examples the spring-tension can effectively stimulate the muscles better than static-weight because the springs will support the muscles when the exercise is the most difficult, and create more resistance where the body is most resilient. Spring-tension can provide more intensity than weight and with zero impact on the joint. It is the perfect balance of High Intensity & Low Impact.

That is why this is the Future of Fitness

You can have a hundred people working out at the same time and everyone is training at their own Effective Intensity. It is easy for you to manage now! Everybody can exercise in the same setting, and on the same spring load, but each individual will perceive the resistance from the spring differently depending on their different body positions, body proportions, and range of motion!

This is exactly what people are looking for! Consumers are becoming smarter about how to train their bodies, and they want to find Effective Intensity. We seek intensity but don't want to bust our joints and connective tissues. Consumers figured out that intensity is important for change, but more people now in their 20’s and 30’s get knee and hip-replacement surgeries than ever a time before. Lagree Fitness does this smarter.


The purpose of the Teacher Training is not for you to memorize every single exercise; or memorize anything at all for that matter! The exercises are infinite and the possibilities endless. Instead, the purpose is to understand the Lagree Method which is very simple in and of itself. Set a strong foundation to understand why the method is developed as it is, and everything else you need to know you will learn through practice and application!

During the Week-end Teacher Training, we will focus on applying the Lagree Method through two Essential Series. An Essential Series, or an Essential Exercise is a type of movement that applies to every generation of the equipment I create, will transcend the current generations, and stay applicable to the next generations. We are now on the third generation of the Lagree Fitness Equipment, the Supra, but there are more generations coming. I can tell you right now that any exercises laying on the back, and overly specific or isolating exercises are all going out. For example, on the Supra, you can’t do The Mermaid. This exercise is gone. There are a lot of similar exercises now that can be done and easily replicated elsewhere. They have disappeared, because to me, they are not symbolic of what an efficient movement should be. You are going to learn the most important series: The Wheelbarrow and Lunge Series. These are the exercises that started it all and continue to be the cornerstone of a Lagree Fitness Workout.

The Wheelbarrow [Study Course 110: The Wheelbarrow Series] is important because the Wheelbarrow is the best type of exercise for trunk stabilization. Trunk-Stabilizing exercises train the body to keep its natural S-Shape curve during an exercise. No bowing, no bending, no arching. The Wheelbarrow itself has many derivatives such as The Catfish and The Cobra. When you learn to teach one, you can teach them all.

The Lunge [Study Course 130: The Lunge Series] is a great exercise because if you want to work your legs, the lunge hits every muscle. The lunge works everything: Works your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, inner thighs, outer thigh... Talk about efficiency! But keep in mind, the lunge performed the Lagree Fitness way is not an exercise done at the gym on the floor, or with any explosive movement— That would exert too much force on the knees and on the hips. That could compromise form and training good body mechanics. On the Lagree Fitness Equipment you have the assistance of the spring when you do these exercises. You can keep good form. And because the lunge so closely mimics the mechanics of walking, The Lunge is definitely an exercise that is transcending all the generations.


You're not going to be tested on, “What is this exercise called?” Whatever. What I want you to understand is if you do a Wheelbarrow, a Catfish, and a Bear, why are they so effective together? Why do we put them in a sequence? Why do these exercises work well together? You don’t have to know all the exercises, but you have to understand the connection between each exercise to put the routines together. There is a flow to Lagree Fitness. That's a very important to understand.

I've seen people try to replicate Lagree on other machines, and it's not working because they don't understand the essence, the logic, or the evolution. There's no “monkey training” where you do an exercise and than a stretch, then you work another body part that has no relation to this one. People will take a class like that elsewhere, and it just doesn't work. They'll say, "There's no magic." Again, all these things that I share in this training did not come about in one night. It's been an evolution for the last 20 years that is growing worldwide.

All this stuff is important. It works.

I've probably taught over 30,000 classes by now! To an average of 10 people per class, it means that I have taught 300,000 people in the last 20 years or so… It's a lot of people! And guess what? You learn a thing or two… My classes have a similar style, yet they all have been different. Even when I go teach on the Supra,  the style remains. The routines I have on the website are more than good; they're golden. They work. You can use these routines as your own and teach those; but my goal is for you to understand this unique method and create your own golden routines.

And that's really what I want you guys to be able to do... Is to understand the Lagree Method and have the freedom to explore, so that when you see new parts on the machine, or new handle bars you're like, "Oh, that's what it's there for. That's what it's there for. That’s what that pocket is there for..." The whole evolution of the Mega is to allow everyone to find their own form because form is the most important  factor when you train.

Remember, new features are constantly being added to the equipment to enhance the workout, and for a teacher can make it easier to communicate to the students. Understanding the indicia on the platforms, carriages, and rails and their significance—They can be points of reference to communicate range of motion, tension, and body placement. Please take the time to read through the Training Website and spend time studying the videos. Bring questions you have to training. And don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed. Learning is a process. It takes practice and application to make permanent. And if we can be any of help, please don’t hesitate to reach out.