July 2018 Success Story


Congratulations Chrystina Katz! You are the Lagree Fitness Success Story for July 2018! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.

“As a teenager I was a gymnast and dancer, and I played sports. Until childbirth, I was slim, fit and never above 120 lbs. After childbirth, the weight never dropped below 130lbs and over time, the muscles softened.

5 years ago, I was thrown from my horse, broke my back (T12, L1-4) and many, many other bones. The trauma center doctors said that I would never walk again. Miracles do happen. I walked out of that hospital.

Healing took another year. Since then I have steadily gained weight. Last Fall, I was unhappy, uncomfortable in extra-large clothes and unhealthy. I also noticed differing attitudes and disapproving looks.

It took two wake up calls to push me into action.

First.... When I reached almost 175lbs in Dec 2017.

Second, I accepted an offer to speak at an event in late January 2018. Those two events sparked my desire and new purpose to slim down and get healthy again.

Around the 2017 holidays, I read Steven Gundry’s “The Plant Paradox” book and changed my eating habits. I stopped breads, wines and desserts, and started eating more ripened fruits and vegetables.

I was strict and dedicated and the weight lost started showing about 30 days later. Just in time for the speaking event.... With a girdle to help. I did not stop there.

By April, I was at 155lbs and no girdle. It still was not enough. I started looking for an exercise routine I could stick with. I wanted core strength without jumping around, punching or kicking. Pilates was not enough. Yoga did not cut it either.

Then Kayla Johnson, a new instructor at HELSE Lagree Fitness Studio in Bozeman, Montana, told me about Lagree Fitness. I tried her class on April 7th, 2018 (1st Photo) and was hooked immediately. Hard, short workouts. Sweat, increased heart rate, shaky muscles, soreness later in all the right places letting me know my body was working hard to strengthen.

2 months later the compliments of my changing body were frequent and validating. My weight was in the 140s; my body was slimming down, tightening up, and getting stronger. I could see and feel it every day.

Back at the office, I participated in the intramural kickball games - diving after numerous balls at second base. Last year I had not even considered participating; this year I signed up immediately. Then my Department went on a team-building event at “Dart Zone” (it is similar to paintball but with nerf darts instead). I played like a kid – diving, rolling and getting into the action! Fun and validating.

Back in the Lagree Studio, pikes are my greatest weakness from the lower back injury. Danielle H. is amazing as the co-owner and an instructor at HELSE Lagree. She is supportive, motivating, and positive all the time! She listens and educates.

3 months of Lagree has given me the flexibility, strength, and spunk I had in my 40s. I am on autoplay now and I plan to continue to strengthen my body well beyond that old injury! I love HELSE and Lagree Fitness. Thanks Lagree for a short, hard, positive, and effective work out experience.”

--Chrystina Katz