Evolution Matters

The Evo is the latest machine from Lagree Fitness and represents the culmination of a decade's worth of research and development.

In designing the Evo, I sought out to engineer a machine that gives the user the ultimate experience in terms of ergonomic design, safety, and performance. What I came up with, is a machine unlike anything else.

Front Platform

A fully integrated front platform and handlebar assembly allows for increased stability and provides greater options for hand and foot placement than ever before.

The patented triangular grip handlebars are ergonomically designed to improve comfort on the wrists and joints while providing optimal grip.



The Mega Evo is the first machine to boast our new shock absorber technology. The spring-based shock system is embedded in the rails to eliminate the carriage from slamming into the platform upon its return.



The carriage is sleeker and more streamlined than previous models and offers a shorter wheelbase which delivers smoother travel to the user.

The Ring of Fire is our new patent-pending feature that gives the user total and complete support. A floating handlebar allows the user to place their hands and feet anywhere for a bespoke experience.

The hover wheels are an industry-first and create the smoothest ride available on the market today. Lagree Fitness is also the first company to create a friction-free, levitating carriage that is currently in development and I look forward to unveiling this new floating technology soon.



The new, centrally-mounted, longitudinal spring system leads the industry by retaining the integrity of the springs through their full stretch and preventing excessive wear.

When you combine this new spring-mounting system with the Superfast technology, you have the fastest transition technology available and you can only find it on the Evo.


Rear Platform

Like on the front of the machine, the handlebars and platform are integrated to offer maximum stability as well as more options for the hands and feet. The handlebars feature the ergonomically designed, triangular grip.

The rear platform also boasts our new lower grenade-style handlebar.


I am committed to providing the ultimate experience in fitness while developing the most ergonomically advanced equipment in the world.

Research. Development. Technology. Are my passions.

Humanity stepped out of the cave, and discovered fire, and explored the oceans, and conquered the west. We landed on the moon and asked, what's next?. We are constantly looking to the stars and asking what's next. We are explorers. We're innovators.

Fitness is a lifelong pursuit. We continue to grow and sculpt ourselves as we push our abilities. We evolve and as we evolve, our tools must evolve with us. With 80 patents and counting, we look forward to evolving with you.

Meet the Evo.

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