Lagree Door Mount Bracket


Take your Lagree workout anywhere there is a door or use the Lagree Door Mount to recreate any gym exercise! The Lagree Door Mount (Patent Pending) transforms your door into a cable machine. You can position the door mount anywhere along the edge of a door to target any specific muscle.

You can train upper body, lower body, or the mid-section.

The door mount is easy to use, easy to store, and easy to travel with.

You can attach up to 3 Bungee cables per door mount. You can use multiple door mounts if you want to separate the tensions.

The Lagree Door Mount fits on any door, you can easily adjust it to the thickness of the door and the door mounts is compatible with any bungee or resistance band with a carabiner clip.

Classes, exercises, and tutorials are available on our official virtual platform Lagree On Demand.


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