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The Evolution of Lagree Fitness

At the age of 13, Sebastien Lagree began weightlifting, and it wasn’t long before that love transformed into obsession.

In 1998 and at the age of 24, Sebastien Lagree moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and, in doing so, became a personal trainer to pursue his passion for fitness. That’s when Lagree Fitness was unknowingly forming beneath the surface.

  • Sebastien was introduced to Pilates and became closely familiar with the reformers.
  • Sebastien earned his certification in Pilates, where he began to utilize bodybuilding techniques on the reformers.
  • Sebastien realized that clientele was achieving better results and transformations in a short amount of time.
  • The unification of bodybuilding on a Pilates reformer gained popularity amongst celebrities and top athletes.
  • Lagree Fitness’s first studio opened in Sebastien’s tiny apartment located behind a popular Ivy restaurant.
  • Sebastien transitioned his teaching style to that of group boot camps using modified reformers.
  • Lagree Fitness moved into the first commercial space, where many celebrities would attend classes.
  • Sebastien decided it was time to invest in new, personalized equipment.
  • The first piece of Lagree Fitness equipment, named the Proformer, was released and specially engineered for Lagree Fitness workouts, which proved to be much different than the
  • Pilates method.
  • The Proformer quickly gained popularity, and many wanted to purchase it for their own homes.
  • Lagree licensing began due to this demand.
  • Many people expressed their desire to open their own studios with Proformers rather than the typical reformers.
  • (From 2006-2010, the Proformer evolved, resulting in Proformer V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6)
  • The success of the Proformer stimulated the need for a more evolved machine called the Megaformer.
  • The Megaformer was born in 2010 and since then has evolved into a variety of models (M1, M2, M2S, M3, M3S, M3K, M3X, M3E, M3 EVO, M4, M5)
  • With the evolution of the Megaformer, the Lagree method has also evolved. Today, Lagree falls under High Intensity Low Impact Full Body Muscular Endurance Training.
  • Lagree has differentiated itself from Pilates as traditional Pilates has remained unchanged since the 1960s.
  • Lagree Fitness officially launched the Micro on July 4, 2019. The Micro is Lagree Fitness's most compact machine that is perfect for on-the-go business persons and fitness junkies alike.
  • It's no wonder it sold out in less than one hour of its official launch!

Coming soon: M3 EVO, M4 and M5, Supra, Ultra
Coming soon at home: Mini, iFormer

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