The Tempo of the Lagree Method

Beats behind the most intensive workout method by Lagree Fitness.


understanding the counting

Lagree Fitness, an isokinetic workout, is taught at an extremely slow and steady speed that uses at least four counts to move the carriage out and at least four counts to move the carriage in. The goal is to decrease the speed progressively as you come to classes. For reference, a 4 count speed represents 20 seconds to complete one repetition. A count of 16 represents 2 minutes to complete one repetition!


Why is the Lagree Method So Slow?

The intent of these “counts” is to eliminate any momentum that may reduce the effectiveness of the movement. As such, the Lagree Method is not taught to be explosive. While pulses or cardio outbursts can be used intermittently to spike the heartrate, the majority of the method should be taught at a super slow pace.

The four-count is only a starting point. Over time, the speed of the movement should be decreased (as stated in other videos). That is the goal. This decreased time creates what is known as the Lagree Method's progressive overloading. By reducing speed, intensity and heartrate is increased. These slowed movements mimic the idea of adding weight to the body.



To aid in the method's slow speed, Sebastien Lagree has created the Tempo Player, part of the Lagree 2.0 update, which is currently exclusive to the EVO 2 but will soon be available on the Megaformer and Mini Pro.

Introducing the Tempo Player by Sebastien Lagree

The Tempo Player is a system of guiding lights which helps users slow the carriage. The lights are embedded in the rail and move in two directions. A wireless remote manipulates the speed of the lights and frees the certified Lagree instructor from counting the speed of the movement since instructors must provide verbal guidance to class attendees to ensure correct body alignment.

Users that do not have access to the Tempo Light should count the speed manually. Again, because the Lagree Method is a slow endurance workout, the goal is to move slower over time. The slower a user moves, the more physical demanding the movement is, thus quicker results.


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