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Location: San Diego, CA

Year Certified in Lagree: 2018

Carina is the founder and owner of Lagree studio, DEFINE, in San Diego, CA. Growing up as a young dancer, and continuing throughout her undergrad, Carina has always had a love for movement. She has spent almost 10 years in the fitness industry teaching Pilates, Barre, and Personal Training a variety of clientele. After her first Lagree workout in 2016, Carina was obsessed with the Mega and hooked on the method! She knew she would one day open a Lagree studio of her own.

Along with studio ownership, Carina is an instructor for Lagree on Demand. She absolutely thrives with this energetic, upbeat lifestyle, and couldn’t imagine anything else. Carina is incredibly grateful for everyone involved in the Lagree Fitness community, and Sebastien’s continuous dedication towards advancing the method. She is honored to share her passion and knowledge with others as a Master Teacher Trainer.

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