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Courtney Petz

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Year Certified in Lagree: 2021

A Southern California and LA native, she grew up spending most of her time outside and active. Growing up, she studied gymnastics, dance, musical theater, and sports. Movement is part of her natural being. After high school to remain fit, Courtney became a gym rat. Noticing that she was regularly getting joint pain, she decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Within this time she found the Super Slow Method. A friend mentioned Lagree, Courtney took one class and was hooked!

Lagree is Courtney’s favorite personal workout as well, she knows how hard classes can be, as well as how STRONG we can feel afterwards. Lagree never gets easier, but we get stronger and more confident after each class. It’s not just muscular and cardiovascular endurance training. Lagree is mental endurance training too. Lagree will change how you think and respond in life. When not teaching for Lagree On Demand, you can find Courtney at one of her local Lagree studios, or out on the water with her Vizsla, Charlie Pepper.

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