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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Year Certified in Lagree: 2015

After years of being a fitness junkie and yoga teacher, Eva discovered the Lagree Method in 2014 when she happened to walk by a Megaformer studio. She had recently decided to try traditional Pilates and was on an intro package, but it wasn’t quite what she was looking for and decided to try a Lagree class. It may come as no surprise that she was immediately hooked! Her body changed substantially in a way she never thought possible, and she never lifted another weight again. Lagree became her go-to for strength training and muscle building/endurance.

Because of her background as a fitness instructor, it made sense to get certified to become a Lagree instructor, and eventually quit teaching yoga because for her, Lagree > Yoga… so that’s exactly what she did! And she has absolutely no regrets! Even though she still really loves yoga, she found that her personality was much more appropriate for teaching Lagree. Since then, Eva has taught at studios all around the Los Angeles area.

Eva has been a performer most of her life. She was a serial monogamist to the Lagree studio she attended for many years while she did her thespian thing. When the pandemic hit, Eva started to reevaluate some things and after much of her life spent in the world of live theater, all the theatre companies she had previously worked for stopped operations. This is when Eva’s focus shifted more seriously to her career as a Lagree instructor.

After five years of teaching Lagree, Eva is currently a featured trainer for “Lagree on Demand” and is an Official Master Trainer of the Lagree Method. She is so grateful for all of the amazing people she has met along the way during her journey. It sounds a tad dramatic, but the method has completely changed her outlook on fitness and her relationship to her body… and one of her favorite things is to watch how it does the same for others. Eva looks forward to educating many more potential trainers in this incredible method and continues to relish torturing her clients in the studio! Lovingly and delicately torturing, of course.

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