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Location: Fort Collins, CO

Year Certified in Lagree: 2018

Kelsey is a co-owner of Fit5 Studio, a Lagree Fitness Studio in Fort Collins, CO. Kelsey has always had a passion for health, fitness & teaching. Graduating from Cal State Bakersfield with a degree in education, she started practicing and instructing Lagree at LVL Fitness in Bakersfield CA in 2018. Teaching Lagree was a perfect outlet for Kelsey to combine her passions for teaching and fitness. The Lagree Method not only changed her body, it changed her life. After moving to Colorado in 2019 she worked hard and was able to partner up with two other amazing women and to open a Lagree studio in November of 2020.

Kelsey specializes in working with brand-new fitness instructors, training and helping them become effective, confident trainers. As a studio owner, a seasoned Lagree instructor, teaching over 2,500 Lagree classes, and her background in teaching/education, it gives her the knowledge, skills and experience to help many become educated, passionate, and energized trainers. Kelsey has an abundance mindset, she believes there is more than enough success to go around for all with this unique method and industry and she wants to see new instructors and owners grow abundantly. The sky’s the limit and anyone with the passion and energy for helping others can be a rockstar fitness instructor.

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